Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The On the Leesh WYCD Challenge?

So, I was standing under my hot shower a couple of weeks ago, enjoying the sensation of the water cascading down my back while going over a mental ‘to do’ list for work. Much of my work time has been taken up with “What You Can Do” and so, many of things I was going over in my head pertained to that project. Which meant that, as I stood there in my hot shower thinking about the project that informs people of what they can do to help the world in only a minute of time, I was in fact, hurting the world by wasting water. There I was, luxuriating in the copious amounts of water when a sudden rock of guilt developed in my stomach. And if that rock of guilt could talk it would be saying (well, yelling actually) HYPOCRITE!

Needless to say, I got out of the shower that morning with the realization that some things needed to change. I, for one, needed to practice at least some of what I preach and thus the idea of the ON THE LEESH What You Can Do CHALLENGE was born.

I got into work that day pretty amped at the idea of spending the month of November making a change that made me a more responsible inhabitant of the planet. When Jessica, Alicia and Melissa heard the idea of doing an office challenge, they were all immediately on board and began thinking of a specific thing they wanted to address in their life.

Stay tuned for our individual list of which issue(s) we're taking on in November!

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