Thursday, July 30, 2015


We all spend a lot of time on social media over here at What You Can Do headquarters - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Current trending topics from around the world often catch our eye on these platforms - particularly on Twitter. On any given day there are at least 3 or 4 different trending hashtags devoted to a special day or statement. Some of these trending topics are hilariously random and funny like #nationallipstickday. And some topics are timely and inspiring. This past week a specific trending topic stood out on Twitter. It was the hashtag: #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words.

If you are a fan of What You Can Do, you know that our series is dedicated to promoting easy ways to enact big changes for our world. It was great to see so many people and organizations taking a moment to spread such an uplifting message with just a few words. At one point my twitter feed said that there were over 65.2K Tweets with this hashtag. We too contributed several sayings to help inspire people to help change the world. Here is a list of just a few of our tweets and favorites spotted throughout the day while this hashtag was trending. We welcome your comments below with your ideas to #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words or tweet us @WhatYouCanDo.  It is not too late to spread the word about change.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

10 easy ways to #gogreen this summer

Hey Everyone! Summer is in full swing and we have 10 easy ways to help you Go Green this season! It only takes a minute to make small changes in your daily routine to help make our world a better place for ourselves and future generations. Check out these simple and easy ways to make a difference at home and on your summer travels. 

Let us know your favorite ways to go Green during the summer by commenting below. 

1. Refills Over Landfills

2. Green Your Lawn 

3. Keep Parks Clean

4. Green Your Summer BBQ

5. Buy Local

6. Natural Beauty

 7. Enjoy Sustainable Seafood

8. Save Energy

9. Help Save Our Bees

10. Ban the Bag

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WYCD Mother's Corner: Sustainable Wooden Toys

The toys come inside small paperboys.  Not plastic
Now that I am a mom there are things that I never thought about before but now am concerned and invested in.  

Finding toys that are entertaining but also non-toxic, green, sustainable etc. has become one of those things that I never really paid much attention to but now care very much about. It often can be hard to find safe and well made toys. Toys are made all over the world and often you have no idea what materials they are made out of or if they are safe for your child.  

John Warren playing with his ladybug

That is why right now I am really loving my son’s new wooden PlanToys.   

I wasn’t aware of this company before I had my son, but after I got pregnant I heard about these toys because they strive to create wooden products that are green, sustainably made and educational for our little ones.

Plan Toys and their sustainable play promise.

Right now my son has been enjoying chewing on his wooden ladybug and throwing around his wooden car. He chews on everything right now so it is nice to know that these toys are safe for my little guy even if he is trying to eat them. They are made with non-toxic glues and dyes. Plus they use organic paint and recycled materials. Each toy is rated for different ages to help with gross and fine motor skills.  

Sustainable map that comes with toys -
shows the manufacturing process
and where/how the toys are made.
These wooden toys are simple but they are entertaining and it makes me feel good knowing that he’s playing with safe toys.  

(My only note would be that that they are somewhat hard and heavy because they are made of wood so if your child is really into throwing things - you might want to not let them play with the toys unsupervised.)

If you want more information about these children’s toys you can check them out here:



Mama Missy

Friday, April 17, 2015

Webby People's Voice Award: We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

We are so thrilled to announce that What You Can Do has been nominated for a 2015 Webby Award in Public Service and Activism. 

For 7 more days voters can cast their vote for the People's Voice Award and that is where we need YOUR help! Please click the link below and give What You Can Do a vote to win a People's Voice award in Public Service and Activism.

Dear Friends, 

This April marks a huge milestone for our series What You Can Do. We are honored to have been nominated for a 2015 Webby Award in Public Service and Activism. If you are not familiar with The Webby Awards - they are "the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet." Now in their 19th year, The Webby's honor excellence in 5 major categories: Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Mobile Sites & Apps, and Social.  

The Webby's give two awards in every category nominated: The Webby Award and The Webby People's Voice Award. "In the spirit of the open Web, The Webby People's Voice is awarded by the voting public. Each year, The Webby People's Voice Awards garners millions of votes from all over the world."

For 7 more days voters can cast their vote for the People's Voice Award and that is where we need your help! Please click the link below and give What You Can Do a vote to win a People's Voice award in Public Service and Activism.

What You Can Do has come a long way since our start in 2009 and we are so excited about the possibilities for the future. Thank you to all our fans who have shown us tremendous support by watching our videos and joining us on the journey to help critical issues affecting our world.  

Remember that even if you have only one minute, you can change the world.

With Gratitude and Many Thanks,
The On the Leesh Team

What You Can Do Episode Highlights

Check out our highlight video featuring some of the best clips from this past year.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Seeing is Believing when it comes to Water Conservation

I did it! I started majorly upping my water conservation. We all know about the California drought, and in my last blog post I outlined four mommy-friendly ways to save water in your everyday life. But these are TWO more ways I am trying my hardest to conserve water!

Bathtime:  My son takes a bath every night so I have to heat the water for his little pink whale tub. My water heater can take forever to heat up so I FINALLY put a big mixing bowl in the bathtub and couldn’t believe how fast it fills up before the water heats up! I could actually use TWO giant mixing bowls before the water is really ready to be used in the whale tub. I have been using this extra water to fill my son's humidifier or to water my house plants. Once I get my veggie garden planted I will start using the water for my garden beds.- 

Leaky outdoor faucet: The other day I noticed that one of the water faucets out in my new backyard was dripping. No matter how tight I turned it I couldn’t get the drip to stop. I think it needs a new washer! But until then I figured that my dog could use a water bowl outside.

And wouldn’t you know I was SHOCKED at how quickly that single drip filled up that bowl. It fills it up at least twice a day! I have been using the excess to water my fruit trees but I need to get a new washer for it asap.  

Imagine how much water we could all save if we decided to conserve all the water dripping from leaky faucets or going down the drain while we heated up our water? Every single drop matters.  

Okay I am off to buy a washer for my faucet!!


What ways to do you conserve? Comment below and tell us!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Remembering to Conserve Water in Your Everyday Life

Water is a sacred source here in California - we are in one of the biggest droughts seen in hundreds of years. We all need to do our part to conserve water when we can. Since moving into a large place with a lawn, backyard and garden, I must double my efforts to be conscious of my water usage. All the usual conservation efforts come to mind….taking shorter showers, only running the dishwasher when full, turning off the tap while brushing my teeth or washing my face. But there are other ways that I can help conserve water in my daily life. Here are some of the mama-inspired ways I have been trying to conserve our quickly depleting water supply.  

John Warren relaxing in his water-saving Pink Whale

1.  Baby Bath Time: I don’t know about your little ones, but my little guy is constantly messy. More often than not he needs a bath every night. By using a smaller tub or a water dam - you can help save water when bathing little children by not having to fill up a bath tub. I use this small pink whale for my guy but this bathtub dam tool looks cool. I think it would be a good investment for my growing son’s bath time. They originated in Australia and England but you can buy them online now.
Baby Bathtub Dam: / or

2. Turning off my humidifier: My son has been sick recently and the area that we just moved to is rather dry, so I have a humidifier to help him breath easier. However, I realized that I wasn’t turning it off during the day when we were out and about. Not only is this a waste of electricity but it wastes the water that I have to use in the humidifier. Making a conscious effort to turn water using appliances like this off when I am not in the room is a simple way to make the water last longer.  

I can save water by turning off my humidifier
when leaving the room
3.  Make the most of a dishwasher/laundry cycle: When you have a bigger household with little ones running around, the laundry and dishes never seem to end. I just recently started using these appliances in my new place. Now that I am running a dishwasher and clothes washer  - I try my best to only run the dishwasher when full and set my clothes washer for the right amount of laundry. By only running these appliances when they are full or by selecting the correct cycle size, I can save water in my day to day life.

4. Conscious toilet flushing: No need to get into details about what this means. I think most of us know the term “Yellow Mellow, Brown Flush It Down.” We have been pretty good about keeping to this rule in my house. We can save many gallons of water every week by being careful with our toilet flushing. 

What are you doing in your everyday life to help save water?  

Comment below and let us know, we always want to hear from you.



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Up-Cycle Follow Through

Finally following through….

I always have eco-friendly “up-cycling" projects in mind but never seem to have the time to follow through with them. Well I am happy to report that I am on my way on at least one project. (Cue the Rocky Music)

Over the weekend I got things moving with a project that I have been meaning to do for my little guy. Several years ago I purchased a used wooden high chair from a garage sale. (I talked about it in a previous blog post - Here it is for reference:  How to Stay Green While Buying Extra Baby Items)
John Warren trying out the
chair before we started the restoration.
Didn't fit totally yet so
had to use some pillows!

Project time.  Remove blue...
I have been using the chair at my parents' house when we would go down there, but decided that it would be nice to have that high chair in our new, larger place. When I purchased the high chair it was always my intention to restore it, but of course I never had the time. Until now! So we strapped the baby into his bouncer chair and set to work.  

As you can see in this first picture - the chair was painted a not so desirable blue color. As was the food tray.

At first I figured I would hand sand as much as I could and spray the whole thing another color. But it dawned on me that maybe it would be a good idea to keep the tray unpainted so my little guy wasn’t eating food off of a painted surface. Paint is usually more water based now, but I had no idea where the seat came from so thought it might be a good idea to remove as much of the old paint as possible .
Working to make the
food tray more baby food friendly. Steel wool
helped to remove any excess
paint and tighten the wood.

Food friendly mineral oil.
Paint thinner can be scary but we did find a splash-free kind and worked with more of a gentle "paint on" technique. After spending some time scraping and scrubbing, I found a beautiful blondish color wood under the blue paint. I finished the tray off with some non-toxic mineral oil to give it some protection from food penetration.

I am currently waiting for everything to dry….waiting is so hard.  But overall, I think this project has cost about 40 bucks plus my labor. I can’t wait to see my little guy in his new high chair and will share a picture when he tries it out for the first time!

The now yellow high chair drying and waiting for one more final coat of paint!
Waiting is the hardest part...

On a side note along with the high chair - here are a few other baby geared furniture items that I think would make good “up-cycle" projects: 

1.  Baby cradles and cribs

2.  Wooden toys

3.  Little Chairs and tables

4.  Rockers

How do you up-cycle?  Comment below.