Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Confessions of a Water Addict

Julie's latest on her love of the liquid sunshine better known as agua...

Picture It: A Saturday morning in Brooklyn...

I wake up after a virtually sleepless night because my dog was busy wandering around my apartment aimlessly - her nails clicking on the wood floor and her right eye filled with gunk (I believe that’s the technical term). So, leaving myself no time to sleep in, I will myself out of bed so that I can get to the vet to have her checked out. I walk the dog for her morning excursion and to see if the vet has a free moment to check her out. Dyna (my dog) is strutting around the park like she’s had the best night of her life and I’m red-eyed and hoping that I can ride her back home. Through the park and to the vet we go, only to be told to come back later... Oh well... It was a long shot anyway.

I then go home to clean my apartment because, although it’s winter, both my dog and cat seem to be shedding their entire coat of hair. I become one with my vacuum.

A little while later, I head back to the vet to have said gunk-issue looked at. In the waiting room, my dog is shaking and looking at me with her ‘what did I ever do to you to deserve this’ face and my sleepless night is starting to take affect on my eyelids. Thankfully her eye situation is not serious and is resolved with some medication. Upon exiting the vet’s office, Dyna takes hold of her strut again and we make our way back home – both feeling a wave of relief.

Finally, I’m home and it’s time for me to shower (had I mentioned I didn’t have time to do this before?).

So, after a sleepless night, a blurry-eyed dog and a vacuum full of pet hair, I step into the shower. As promised, I turn the dial to 6 minutes. Then something happened. I rebelled. Six minutes came and went. Then 7, 8, 9... Okay people I took a 15 minute shower. I kept saying to myself... ‘Get out! Get out of this shower!’ And yet, my body wouldn’t move. Then I began the bargaining... ‘Tomorrow I’ll cut my 6 minute shower to 3 minutes’... Or... ‘I’ll just pour a bucket of cold water over my head for a week and call it even!’ ‘Don’t I get a cheat day?’

Pathetic, I know. Yet, what I found so illuminating was that, while I may not have had the Saturday of my dreams – it was certainly nothing to complain about, so why was I so quickly willing to convince myself it was worth cheating my water conservation goals for? I’m going to ponder this in the time I now no longer have to spend in the shower and see what I figure out.

Oh, and, I’m happy to say that yesterday and today I was under 5 minutes! Yahoo! I’m barely clean!

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