Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Minutes in Heaven?

Every morning since November 1st, I am living in my own episode of 24... albeit without Keifer's charged whispering or the threat of dying from something other than the aroma of my citrus shower gel... but I am absolutely living a countdown. A six minute countdown to be specific. Somewhere in my brain I formed the magic water conservation shower number of six minutes. Don't ask me where it came from but that was my starting goal. The six-minute shower. I believe somewhere I remember Jennifer Aniston saying that that was what she did so maybe it's just another way my brain is trying to emulate America's Sweetheart, but there you have it - Six. Seis. Sechs. Sei.

It seems like a long time in theory, yet, in reality, when you're bleary-eyed and just waking up, it flies by! I don't know if it's the same for you people, but for me, my morning shower is when I actually start the creaky wheels of my brain turning. I think about my day and about all the things I need to get done. I think about how nice the hot water feels on my back. I think about how freaking cold it's going to be once I step out of the shower and into my poorly heated apartment. And suddenly I'm 4 and a half minutes in and I haven't done squat to get myself clean.

So now, to keep me honest, I've put my little red kitchen timer on the counter in my bathroom and turn it to six before I begin running the water. And it won't stop there. Next week, the clock goes to five.


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