Monday, November 2, 2009

What You Can Do Challenge! Day Two

Okay, so here we are on the 2nd day of November; which means, we are in the second day of our On the Leesh: What You Can Do Challenge! As promised, below is the breakdown of what each of us here is doing...

Alicia (Executive Producer, Director, Editor WYCD): Made in America! Alicia is focusing on purchasing only American made products. Is this even possible when pumpkin pie requires the importation of cinnamon?

Jessica (Creator, Co-Head Writer, Producer WYCD): Waste not, want not. The Queen of the paper towels is cutting back on the amount of disposable products she uses. Apparently cleaning her kitchen yesterday really called her commitment to the earth into question...

Julie (Co-Head Writer, Producer WYCD): Water Conservation. The brains behind this Challenge-operation had a guilt epiphany while enjoying a nice long hot shower one day. The self-proclaimed Vice President (her sister is the President - let's face it, she's older), of her own personal Water Park is turning off the faucets!

Melissa (Associate Producer WYCD): Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE. It seems Melissa's building isn't the greatest about recycling so she's going to make her own individual concerted effort to recycle at all times. Some people bring their laptops to work, others bring their plastic bottles and take-out containers.

Ashley (Public Relations): Paper or PLASTIC? Can anyone say canvas tote bag? It seems that when shopping, Ashley can remember the milk, but not her reusable tote bag. This month, she's going to make a conscious effort not to bring any more of these imperishable baggies into her home.

Can Alicia, who loves a nice Italian shoe really only buy American made? Can Jessica break up with her paper towels? How fast can Julie condition her hair? Can Melissa really carry all that stuff around? Will Ashley need to resort to a tattoo to remind her to tote her tote around with her?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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