Thursday, January 21, 2010

Latest Update from Action Against Hunger and their response to Haiti

Below is a communication sent from Action Against Hunger's Susannah Masur. Here's is their latest update on the work their doing regarding the relief efforts happening in Haiti.


Here’s the latest update on Action Against Hunger's emergency response to the earthquake in Haiti.

As of yesterday, we have finished installing water points in the Champ de Mars and Canape-Vert neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince. These “bladder” tanks, which are being filled by tanker trucks from surrounding areas, are providing clean water for 30,000 people congregated in these areas. We are also in the final stages of finishing emergency water distributions in the Croix de Pres district and at the stadium.

Meanwhile, in Leogane, 30 kilometers outside Port-au-Prince, we’re preparing to restore access to drinking water to a population of approximately 125,000 by rehabilitating water points and establishing treatment facilities.

And in Gonaives, which has seen an influx of earthquake survivors, we are launching an emergency intervention to distribute water to local hospitals and health centers.

According to Lucile Grosjean, our spokesperson in Haiti, “Not a single drop of water is available in the K-Soleil hospital in Gonaives. Doctors and nurses have no water to wash their hands, and patients are desperately thirsty. Relatives are trying to buy water in the streets, but with little money available and prices doubling in most regions, it is nearly impossible to find drinking water.”

ACF Provides Thousands of Liters of Clean Water in Haiti

And just last night, we unloaded our first shipment of BP-5, a special high-energy biscuit that we’ll distribute to approximately 15,000 children under five.

Hope to be in touch.


Susannah Masur
Communications Officer

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