Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What You Can Do about the 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake in Haiti

What You Can Do about the 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake in Haiti

Below is an email I received from Stacey who began the site, Global Girlfriend. I got to know Stacey a bit after working with her organization on a What You Can Do video. Below is her plea for assistance for the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti and so I wanted to send it along and spread the word.

"Dear Friends,This exact week last year I was in Haiti. I was working with women's groups across the country for Global Girlfriend - women we've worked to champion despite the many challenges living and working in Haiti brings. Tonight's news is devastating, and while I have never taken a request to my full address book, I feel personally helpless and all I can do is ask for help for the women and friends I have come to love in Haiti. Haiti can not afford this devastation and so I would like to ask you for your support tonight in three ways.

First, please consider donating to our friends and partners at Partners In Health. Partners In Health runs 14 hospitals across Haiti and will need the support to provide the wide spread medical care necessary to help people recover physically from today's horrific natural disaster.

Second, no matter your faith, please lend your thoughts and prayers to Global Girlfriend's women's groups in Haiti including Club Mama, Rara Designs, Melange Soaps, and CheCheLaVie as well as our friend's from Partners In Health and Aid To Artisans.

Third, please pass on Partners In Health's plea below with the link to donate.

Brad and I have made a personal contribution to Partners In Health and I'd ask you consider doing the same at what ever level you can. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our Global Girlfriends and the people of the country of Haiti.

Donate now to support our earthquake relief efforts. Donate Here

Peace & Best Wishes,


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