Saturday, March 27, 2010

Parched - a guest blog by Karen T. Hartline


Well, I haven't written for a few days as you may have noticed. The official reason is that I have been quite busy and a few things changed in my schedule last week that made it difficult to fit blogging in. You know how it goes. But there is something else that has made sitting down and writing this blog even more difficult. I bought a bottle of water. Yes, after I went on and on about how we just have to stop buying this stuff, what did I do? I bought a bottle of water.

It was at a theater. As usual, I hadn't been anywhere close to the daily requirement of water and I was parched. Here's the conversation between me and the guy at the snack table.

Me: "Do you have any juice?"
Him: "No"
Me: (Pointing to a bottle I didn't recognize) "What is that?"
Him: Water. (He gets one from the fridge)
Me: Oh. Do you guys have a water fountain?
Him: No (He opens the bottle of water) If we had a water fountain, we couldn't sell bottled water.
Me: (Awkward laugh)
Him: I know. We're a bunch of dirty capitalists here. (He hands me the opened bottle of water) That will be three dollars.

Then next thing I knew, I was crouched in a corner drinking this bottle of water with my cookie, hoping I could finish it before my friend (who reads this blog) came out of the ladies room. As you know, I mess up. My only penance is transparency on this blog and the promise that I will continue to try and not mess up, especially after I get really preachy!

Is this a bad time to give an assignment? Probably, but I'll do it anyway. I have been given the task of writing about conserving water at work. Now, much of what I have in mind has to do with transferring what I do at home to the work place. As you may or may not know, I work from home. Sure, I've had plenty of office jobs, but that workplace mentality kind of goes out the window when you spend some days working in pajamas while doing a mud mask. So, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for conserving water as it applies to the workplace. Any thoughts???

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