Sunday, April 25, 2010

Go Green Home - a blog written by WYCD Staff Writer, Karen T. Hartline

Our staff writer, Karen T. Hartline has been journaling/blogging/writing about her own Go Green Home effort – water conservation. The below entry, we thought, was an interesting way to incorporate the love of gadgetry and greening your life a little bit. Gadget-mongers, read on!

A Little Bubbly
I keep forgetting to write about this, but I saw the coolest thing. I'm so not a gadget person, so many many things I see are cool to me, but as one who thinks about water all the time, this was a winner. I usually don't drink sparkling water because I don't want to buy a lot of bottled drinks. But when I went to this friends house, she asked me if I wanted some and proceeded to go to this little appliance with a container full of water from her tap. She just lifted a whatsit, pressed a thingy, waited about 5 seconds and wah-la! (pardon my French) Sparkling water!

Now, don't tell my dad, but I think I'm going to get one of these things for him for his birthday (His birthday was in the beginning of January - better late than never). Like I said, I don't buy sparkling water, and I don't recommend many products on this blog because I don't believe you should have to spend oodles of money to save water. But my parents buy so much sparkling water and my father drinks it by the gallon right out of the bottles. If you like sparkling water, I highly recommend it.

If you like sparkling water, I highly recommend it. Here are some links to these gadgets:
Soda Stream
Penguin Water Carbonator
Sparkling Water Kit

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