Saturday, May 1, 2010

Go Green Home - a closing blog, by Staff Writer, Karen T. Hartline

As we close out Go Green Home week, here’s an idea from WYCD staff writer, Karen T. Hartline about a simple way you can conserve water during your bedtime routine. Read on and go green!

Last night, I was getting ready for bed and my husband walked in on me in the bathroom doing the most embarrassing thing ever! Drum roll please... I was spraying my face with the water from the spray bottle! Did you fall out of your chair in shock? Perhaps you fell out of your chair from shock at what a boring life I must lead. Hey! I'm sure someone more exciting is writing a blog out there! Who needs you! (No, no, come back! ) Anyway, when my husband passed the bathroom, he heard me laughing at myself. He opened the door and said, "Are you spraying your face to save water?" "Yes." Of course! Why do I do anything anymore?

I was thinking... I thought, you know, I really don't have to wet my face with water before I put my cleanser on. I could just give it a couple of sprays and I'm in business. I have two things to say. First, it worked. my face was wet enough to give it a good sudsy wash. Second, it was miserable! Please, someone tell me it's okay to use a whole pint of water to wash my face instead of a half a teaspoon from the spray bottle! Hello? Okay, fine! Perhaps I will actually get used to this. The navy shower has become second nature, why not this. But while everyone loves water: swimming in it, drinking it, gazing at it, bathing in it - no one, but no one likes it coming at them in little misty drips. No one! That's why umbrellas were invented!

When my husband walked in, I was actually laughing at myself for doing this miserable thing, cursing about this spray bottle while voluntarily misting my face. But the point is, I have discovered that the spray bottle can do a lot more than wet the toothbrush and save TONS of water. This morning I went to wet my hair the usual way - by turning on the sink. But then I remembered... Spray bottle!

You know what should be invented (not by me, by someone smart) is a warmer for the water in the spray bottle. Maybe it would be a little less, well, shocking if it were warm water hitting my face. The thing is, when the water sits in the spray bottle, it just gets to room temp, which is not hot enough for me! Oh spray bottle... my new frenemy. You could be just the thing to save the world... and irritate the hell out of me.

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