Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cold As Ice (Go Green Summer)

This week on “What You Can Do” we’re talking about how to Go Green this Summer. When I first thought about the opening blog, I figured I’d write about some simple ways to be more environmentally aware throughout the summer months. Then I thought – well then what’s the point in watching the upcoming videos?? I needed a better idea. Then it came to me. Air conditioning.

I know – you figure the upcoming sentences are going to be about getting a more efficient air conditioner, choosing one with the Energy Star label and not leaving it on while you’re not at home (or at least putting it on some sort of temperature control mode). Wrong! That’s actually not what I was going to talk about.

What came to mind was the air conditioning in stores throughout the summer months. Is it just me, or do companies make their shops so frigid that you feel like you’re walking through the freezer aisles in an igloo on Mt. Everest? You come in sweaty, browse the store and then leave with icicles dangling from your nose.

Being mindful of when to use my air conditioner is one of the tiny things I do to be somewhat “green” (and let’s face it – save money as well). I try to set it to the highest temperature that I can stand and leave it there. I think this small contribution definitely adds up if, say, everyone in my building does the same thing. But what about all those stores? Of course they want it to be comfortable for consumers – but why do we need such an extreme? I guess my point is, if you’re a store owner or manager, see what you can do about those pesky frigid temperatures. Comfortable doesn’t mean your teeth need to chatter.

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