Friday, June 11, 2010

GULF WEEK: List of Resources to Get Involved!

Want to donate money, time or resources to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill? Here are some links that can offer you tips and information:

The National Wildlife Federation's Donation Page or text 20222 to donate 10 dollars to the National Wildlife Federation - for more information click: HERE

Need updates on the spill?
Check this link out:

For videos
Video 1
Video 2

If you are in the area volunteer with the National Wildlife Federation's on the ground Volunteer Wildlife Surveillance Network

Defenders of Wildlife

Adopt an Animal:

Fight for Sea Turtles

Information from the National Audubon Society is available HERE

How to help the National Audubon Society:

Help birds at risk from the oil spill:

The International Bird Rescue Research Center

Tristate Bird Rescue and Research

PBS's Live Oil Cam Feed:
Watch It Here

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