Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diary of an American Shopper Day 259

Diary of an American Shopper Day 259

So where did I leave off? Oh right - talking about my love of the open road. I guess the big question is how has my driving been impacted by my knowledge of climate change and global warming? To tell you the truth, it's changed pretty drastically. One of my favorite actives is joy riding. Driving just to feel the breeze through my opened window. Driving just to see if it's raining on the other end of town. Driving to watch the sunset over the ocean. Basically - driving just to kill time.

Don't get mad - I don't do that anymore. And that's a bummer. Not only is it fun to drive, fun to watch the scenery and fun to listen to the radio in the car, but I do my best thinking on the open road. Some people do it in the shower, some people do it at the gym. I do it behind the wheel. It's true; you can ask Jess or Julie. So that's been a change. I have to think constructively on my couch. And yet, when I do get to drive - thoughts explode into my brain. I feel like Da Vinci and I wonder why I don't drive more often - and then I think of global warming and I remember.

But I wonder - could my car's impact or rather lack of impact really make a difference? And the answer is probably not. It's true - I'm making a sacrifice to save a small amount of emissions. So why? Why not indulge myself if I enjoy it so much, if I become more productive because of it? Who cares? What's stopping me? Well, guilt.

I am committed to this movement because I know that if a whole lot of us opt for public transportation, or stop joy riding as a way to pass time, our collective lack of emissions can make a difference. But we have to do it together- not alone. I guess that what it comes down to - we're all connected and my choices affect your choices, or rather your children's choices. If I could help to make a difference about these major issues in life - global warming being one - would I do it? And yes I would. I will give up one of my favorite things to help.

I mark day 259 a sobering admission of acceptance.

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