Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Interview With The Green Divas

We are thrilled to share our interview with the original Green Divas, radio hosts and multimedia duo Megan McWilliams and Jenifer O’Neill. Their weekly internet radio show provides listeners with creative and laid-back ideas for green and sustainable living with a touch of humor. The show also features interviews with celebrities and green living experts on issues related to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Check out the Green Divas radio show on Thursdays from 7-8 pm on

1) What’s the story on how The Green Divas were created?
Well, back when we were publishing Relevant Times (the first magazine/website/radio show devoted to sustainable living in the NY metro region), we began calling ourselves radio divas for fun when we did the radio show. After the magazine shut down – like so many magazines and young media companies in this economy – we carried on with the radio show and the blog as ‘the Green Divas’ and things have just evolved ‘organically’ from there.

2) What are your goals for the radio show and other Green Divas projects?
We are all about sharing our real-world experiences as we continually learn how to live ‘greener’ and more sustainably. We never claim to be experts, but we love to interview them and offer them a platform to share w/ us and our audience what they are doing. Always keeping a sense of humor, we use a combination of credible information, experiential reviews and technology to inform our audience. Our goals are always to expand our platform. We love hearing from a fan or listener/reader that they heard something that was really helpful. We don’t expect to save lives, but if we have a positive impact in some lives and ultimately in someone’s behavior toward the planet and each other, then we are doing our job. We’re always open to expanding our reach through various media. We are multi-media divas . . . Green Diva Meg has a book and a television comedy series in development, which is based on the Green Divas experiences.

3) What green causes especially inspire your passion/activism?
We are both very passionate about food – organic, local, seasonal, but primarily sustainable agriculture. The idea of creating more sustainable regional agriculture systems and relying less and less on industrial farming is something we are both very passionate about. Kids and family are a special focus and passion for both of us, but more so for GD Jen who still has young ones (Benjamin 3 and James 10). Keeping positive and focused on solutions is something we feel strongly about, and keeping a sense of humor about it all – it can get so heavy and depressing sometimes.

4) Any Green Divas news to share with WYCD viewers/blog readers?
GD Meg just got back from LA, where she was associate producer of a politically motivated internet comedy video series starring Jack Black and America Ferrara. It is designed to use quality humor to debunk some of the crazy myths that are being hammered at all of us this election season. It is geared toward health care reform myths, but GD Meg made sure there was a good one about global climate change. It should be out by 10/8. Check our blog for details.
Oh yea, we have Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman on the show next week (10/14). She is AMAZING. She’s running Newman’s Own Organics and like us is a huge supporter of sustainable food systems.

5) What are your secrets for juggling your roles as moms, radio hosts, bloggers etc.?
Keeping perspective and trying not to take ourselves too seriously (did I mention sense of humor?). GD Meg’s kids are older and more independent than GD Jen’s so we try to be realistic about what we can handle and always try to be family-friendly.

6) What is your advice for aspiring Green Divas?
Start with what is easy for you, or where you are drawn. For instance, if you are into fashion, try researching ways to ‘green-up’ your wardrobe (sustainably made clothing and accessories, participating in more consigning/clothing recycling, etc.). We have found that once you try one thing and find out how easy, fun, feel-good and not-as-expensive-as-you-thought it usually is, it becomes a little contagious and you want to do more and try other things. Before you know it, you are composting and have chickens running around your yard or rooftop organic veggie garden . . .

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