Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Thanksgiving Dilemma: Answered

The Thanksgiving Dilemma: Answered

There were so many comments about whether or not I should speak to my father about his water usage on Thanksgiving that I figured a follow-up was necessary.

For those readers out there that are coming in late and could use a recap, checkout last Sunday's blog: HERE.

After thinking about it I decided, what better time to talk to my father about his water habits, than on Thanksgiving? You can't get mad at someone on Thanksgiving, right? Isn't that some holiday rule? Feast and peace? So, I did.

I put it to him like this: "So, Dad, I hope you're not too mad about this, but I wrote a blog about how you hand wash your dishes and how I wish you wouldn't leave the faucet running when you walk away from the sink." Then I gave him that statistic from the EPA - which I horribly misquoted - but I believe he got the idea because he agreed to be more mindful! He was totally game and ready to try it out.

After dinner on Thanksgiving, I was happy to hear the faucet shutting on and off. The sound of a constant steady stream from year's passed was no longer. Later on, when I asked how it went, he said he wasn't perfect, but it went pretty well and I've got to say... he looked proud.

So this Thanksgiving, I gave thanks for an open-minded dad who was willing to reshape one of his habits for both the earth and his daughter.

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