Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donation Time - Materials for the Arts

Every 6 months I clean out the On the Leesh storage unit. I try to get rid of all the things that we really don’t need anymore. In the spirit of the What You Can Do project we never like to just throw things away if we can donate the items to people who could use them.

Here in New York City it can often be a big hassle to get rid of things because most people do not own their own car. My husband Greg and I are one of those transplant New Yorkers who used to own two cars but gave them up when we came to the Big Apple. Every so often I can see that spark in Greg’s eyes when he sees a fast car zipping through the streets of New York City and I can tell that he misses driving. Come donation time however, Greg gets a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel when he provides the OTL crew with a service I refer to as Chief Office Stuff Mover and Mario Andretti Audi 5 race car driver. Translation: Greg helps me donate items and in return he gets to drive Alicia’s car to Long Island City where my favorite donation spot, Materials for the Arts, is located.

(Greg Gallagher Master of Transportation)

Materials For The Arts is an amazing program that collects donated items and provides them to “thousands of New York City’s arts and cultural organizations, public schools and community arts programs.” These supplies are used to help run and expand art programs. MFTA collects fabric, paper, computers, household items, building materials, office furniture and supplies, frames, wallpaper and home decorating supplies, ladders, telephones, etc.

The items are then sorted and collected into the MFTA warehouse. According to their website, they invite not-for-profit and cultural arts groups, NYC educators and arts teachers, social organizations and government agencies to browse the donated items for use in promoting the arts around the city.

If you live in the New York Metro area and are interested in donating to MFTA you can contact them at:

Please Note that you must have to get your donation pre-approved and drop off times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 9:00am-4:00pm.



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