Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magazine Swap

I've always been a subscriber to magazines. I used to love Sassy. Remember that one? Though my reading material might have changed since growing up (I've now added Gluten Free Living, Eating Well, The New Yorker and Fine Cooking to my subscriptions), the casing hasn't. I'm still a fan of magazines. But what do you do with them when you're done? You can recycle them, of course, or you can pass them on.

I love to pass on my fashion magazines or a good article to my sister. Anything else that I have left over, goes to my dad's office. His patients are outfitted with a wide assortment of magazines, and unlike many offices, his stacks remain current.

Another great place to donate them is to arts programs. I have made many a scrapbook, gift, card and collage from pieces of magazine. Basically, they're the gift that keeps on giving.

What do you do with your left over magazines?
Let me know!
Thanks, Alicia

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