Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get Yourself Fire Safe!

Even before I found myself dating a firefighter, I was concerned with fire safety. It probably stemmed from being raised by a woman who had a healthy sense of fear based preparation. I still remember the meeting places that we decided at each of my houses growing up. If, god forbid, there was a fire -we were to meet at the lamp post (dog in tow).

To that end, I know the meeting place at my dad's and my own apartment. I've got it covered.

I have given my sister a notice for her door alerting the FDNY to Scout's (her dog) presence in case of a fire.

I change my smoke detector's (the one that's not hard wired) batteries when I change the clock. Smokey the Bear would be so proud. Wait isn't he just for forest fires? I bet he's anti-unwanted fire of any kind.

We keep a fire extinguisher in our kitchen just in case my cooking becomes an issue. I have ruined two pans on two separate occasions (oddly making applesauce both times. And its so easy!).

So I guess today is a good day to practice my 911 call. A year ago I took a CPR class. I was interested in taking one for years and never got around to it. I think it's an important skill that we all should have, but I procrastinated. However, after reading a book about Columbine, I was astounded by the fact that no one knew how to administer CPR. This was the impetus. As I mentioned, fear based preparation is big with the Arinellas.

In my class, we practiced talking to 911 about an accident but not a fire. So today, I'll practice speaking clearly, stating my address and location and the nature of the emergency. Practicing this will help me stay calm if an emergency ever occurs.

A very important bit of info we learned is that even though you're still delivering the information, help is already on the way. That's a reassuring thought when time is of the essence.

Will you take on a fire safe one-minute challenge? Hopefully you won't have to thank me for it, but as the Boy Scouts say - always be prepared!

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