Friday, April 22, 2011

In Honor of Earth Day - Support Your Parks!

Living in New York City has its downsides. We don't get to spend a lot of time in nature. Since moving to the city, I have lived on the Upper West Side, and there is a very good reason for that. I love Central Park. I can't imagine living in this city without having walking access to it. When you're in Central Park, it's so big, you can almost convince yourself that you're in the country for the day. Almost.

My favorite spot in the park is Bethesda Fountain. It's pretty close to my apartment, so I can walk there easily. I love seeing the statue change throughout the seasons. I find myself there on every walk. I just like to check in and say hi, she's become a familiar face and one of my favorite landmarks in the entire city. But there are so many gems. The Zoo is amazing. The Alice in Wonderland statue? Amazing. And who can forget the Turtle pond?

When I was growing up, the first sign of spring was always seeing a Robin on our lawn at home. Now the first sign of spring is seeing snowdrops and daffodils poke their heads above the dirt in the park.

Since today is Earth Day, if you find yourself in NYC, consider visiting the Spring Flowers in bloom in the park. On a Central Park blog, I found this bit of info on the Top 10 place to see Spring Flowers. Definitely worth visiting. In the park right now you can see Magnolias in bloom, tulips and of course daffodils.

This blog also features the Top 10 Romantic Spots in park. So if you want a romantic respite with your honey, think of doing it in this lovely park. And you don't have to be ooey-gooey either. Jack and I just like to walk in the park, share an ice cream cone and watch the sea lions swim at the zoo.

To kick off this day, I'll take a walk in the park and just take in the beauty that is abundant. I've visited the park so many times for fun and for work. We shoot in the park often (it's our favorite location to shoot in the city), and each time I visit, I find something new.

So support your parks! Remember that they are a gift and we have to take care of them. Leave them cleaner than you found them, so that they can last for generations to come.

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