Monday, April 18, 2011

Support a Native American Family

I have always loved Native American textiles. I love their weavings as well as their pottery and jewelry. Ever since my first trip to Arizona when I was 13, I've been in love with the region, the culture and the people. After visiting a number of reservations, I was disheartened by how this amazing heritage has been forgotten in our country. They are mostly forgotten and over looked, and it's alarming.

When we worked with The Adopt-a-Native Elder Program last year, I knew that this would be a program that I would want to participate in. As their website states: The “adoption” program is the heart of Adopt-A-Native-Elder. Each spring and fall the program makes a series of “food runs” to the reservation to deliver food and medical supplies purchased for the elders by their sponsors.

If you are interested in helping this amazing organization, but do not want to participate in the adopt-an-elder program, they also have a variety of other ways you can get involved. You can sign up for their newsletter or, if you're interested in buying a weaving, you can visit their Annual Rug Show. And if you're interested in helping children instead, ANE has a number of programs that help support children. Please click here for more information.

If you are interested, please consider helping this important organization.


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