Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 46 Day Action Plan - Numbers 41-46

If you've been following along with my 46 day challenge, and want to take part, I've been posting the ideas over the past few days. We're fans of simplicity over here, and this takes out all the guess work; therefore, it limits the excuses. I've already posted ideas 1-40 in previous posts but here are the last 6.

Here are numbers 41 - 46.

41. Support a Native American Family
Sign up for The Adopt-a-Native Elder Program and help supply food and medical supplies to Native Americans.

42. Protect the Night
Prior to May of last year, I didn't realize how important natural darkness is to our health and environment. Download these guides to learn out why - Since this is an issue that I didn't realize even existed, I'm guessing some of you may be unaware too. I'm using my minute today to share these 4 print outs - 1. Wildlife, 2. Energy, 3. Safety, and 4. Human Health from The International Dark Sky Association.

43. Help Brighten the Day of a Child Living with a Chronic Illness
Donate to Angelwish's Wish Program and bring a smile to the face of a child living with chronic illness.

44. Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles to Service Members and Their Families
Through Fisher House, you can donate your frequent flyer miles to service men and women who are undergoing treatment from injuries from combat.

45. Support and Visit Your Park
Visit a local park and vow to do your part to leave it cleaner than how you found it.

46. Adopt a Manatee
Sign up to Save a Manatee and protect these amazing animals.

And that's it.
Please let me know if you take part in any of these ideas. I'd love to hear.

....more to come....

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