Friday, July 8, 2011

Alicia's Eyes on a Self Portrait

Alicia's Eyes on An Awesome Self Portrait

Have you seen this?

No it's not a Pixar monkey created by really talented animators - this is a real crested black macaque monkey from a national park in Indonesia. Julie stumbled upon the photo on The Huffington Post Green. Turns out this monkey stole a photographer's camera and took some hilarious self portraits including this one which has caused Julie and I to double over in laughter for about two days now.

And it reminded me of this photo that was filling cyber space two summers ago.

Remember this one? Well this couple was on a vacation in Banff National Park in Canada and timed a self portrait when this squirrel had other plans. Brilliant. Still love this photo. (Check out Melissa Brandt's caption at National Geographic Daily Shot. Choose Week 1 August 2009.)

But they both make me think...what would the world be like without these amazing animals? And without our amazing Parks for that matter? We have to protect our wildlife and our wild spaces. There is too much wonder in this world to take for granted.

Til next time, keep our world a green and safe place for everyone.

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  1. I think this kind of monkey is one of the endangered species of animals so we must preserve and protect their habitat.

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