Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go Green For Halloween!!!
Halloween has always been my second favorite holiday, right behind the 4th of July. This could be due in large part to my sweet tooth that just never seems to go away, but I also love the costumes! On what other day is it acceptable for you to live out your secret fantasy to be a pirate, or vampire? I also love horror movies, so the whole season is right up my alley! While I love a good scare on the screen, one of the scariest parts of Halloween has to be the costumes that are sold. Expensive, poorly made, and campy, oh my! Let’s be honest, for the price tag you’d think some of the women’s costumes could cover a wee bit more skin.
Since working for OTL, mind wheels have been turning about how all of us, including myself can make positive life changes, especially those that are beneficial to the environment. I then thought maybe I can apply my newly revived earth conscious thinking to one of my favorite days…and I’m challenging you to do the same! This year, I am planning on making the majority of my costume out of recycled materials. Not only is this going to be way more fun than going to the store, I’ll be saving a ton of money and helping our planet. This could also be a great activity to plan with your friends or kids, and help spread the word that recycling can be more than just separating your bottles, cans and other recyclables from the rest of your garbage. It’s amazing what you can do with different materials when you get creative.
Won’t you join me this Halloween, and see what we can do when we put our thinking caps on and go green! If you feel like sharing, as I will do, send us a pic of your magnificently beautiful, terrifying, disgusting, or fantastical creation.

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