Thursday, November 3, 2011

Show us your cans!

Since moving to New York City a little over a year ago, the prevalence of hunger has become an impossible issue to ignore. I have always felt passionate about this issue since I was a young girl who boldly told my Mom to ship the food I was unable to finish at the dinner table to the children she informed me were without food in other countries. Now I see just how many people are without enough food, and I get angry about just how much is wasted everyday. With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve been reflecting on previous holiday engagements I have had with family and friends in the past years. The one thing they all have in common, in addition to the warm fuzzy feelings and holiday cheer, is an over abundance of food.
If you have ever felt like you had to unbutton the top button of your pants to prevent it from flying off and hurting someone, as I have, you probably could have eaten less at a holiday meal. Also, if you’ve ever had so many leftovers that you had to eventually throw them away before they turned into a science project in your refrigerator, as I regret to inform you I have done as well, you probably could have purchased less food at the grocery store for your holiday celebration.
Here in good ol’ ‘Merica, many of us are more privileged than we realize, and live in a world of excess and over indulgence. I know you know what I’m talking about, especially at many of our favorite stable chain restaurants where the size of an entrĂ©e is comprised of enough food to feed the entire table! While you’re shopping this holiday season, before you grab the ingredients for the additional side dish you could do without, or that extra pie, maybe stop to consider your health and waistband, but also the unavoidable fact that there are just too many people who are less fortunate and don’t have enough to eat. You can use that extra bit of cash to buy cans to donate to a local food drive.
I feel very passionately about this, and will definitely be reconstructing my holiday season with others in mind. I hope you will join me so we can spread some cheer and make sure others have a nice meal to brighten their holiday spirits!

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