Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Green Gift Ideas for under $20!

10 Green Gift Ideas for under $20!

1. Reusable KeepCup
Who doesn’t need their tea or coffee on the go? Give the gift of sustainability by giving this recyclable commuter cup. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and baristas can safely use it too under their espresso machines.
Prices range from $12-16.

2. Beautiful Jewelry from
Show someone you care for them (and others) by purchasing unique and stunning jewelry from Global Girlfriend. Jewelry starts at around $5 and up, and when you make a purchase from Global Girlfriend, the treasures you buy are woman made, fair trade, and eco-friendly. Your gift purchase will also help support the women who produce them by providing fair living wages, employment opportunities, and safe working conditions. Popular

3. Klean Kanteen
This gift is perfect for everyone regardless of age or gender. Each and every one of us needs a sleek stainless steel, reusable, and environmentally friendly canteen. Klean Kanteen is a wonderful company to support! The canteens are perfect for water, hot or cold beverages, and soup. Through many of the purchases you make, Klean Kanteen will donate a portion of each sale to a deserving foundation. Prices start around $13.

4. Buy a toy, and donate it in someone’s honor.
This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and this year, I’m putting the plan into action. I have a half brother and sister, who now in their teens, no longer need any more toys. Therefore, this year I’ll be purchasing a toy for a boy and girl, and donating them in their honor. If you’re in New York City, you can drop off toys at any Toys R Us location. If you’re elsewhere, visit the Toys For Tots website to learn more about making donations.

5. Holiday Baked Goods
I baked a variety of cookies with my Mom one year when I was younger, and we prepared gift baskets that we gave to extended family. Not only did I have a blast with my Mom in the kitchen, it was a low-cost, eco-friendly way to make a delicious gift. If you purchase fair trade, or locally grown or produced ingredients, you can further help support your local economy, and make the event extra green. You can also opt to prepare healthier recipes, or you can approach the baking like my Mom and I did and just make the most scrumptious recipes you can find. Package the cookies in containers that can by recycled too! This gift idea can definitely be kept under $20, and you’ll most likely create wonderful holiday memories with your friends or family in the kitchen!

6. Fair Trade Coffee or Tea
Chances are, someone you know is a coffee or tea lover. Help strengthen farming communities, and purchase Fair Trade coffee or tea. Check out this great site for wonderful gift ideas. Prices start around $14.

7. Head to your local farmers market!
I always find unique hand made soaps or candles that are locally made that would make the perfect gift. If you’re attending a holiday party, consider picking up some fresh bread or locally produced cheese, honey, or other delicious baked good to bring as a hostess gift. You can always find something for under $20 at the farmers market!

8. Custom Eco Friendly Bag
We all use them, or we all should be using them. I recently discovered this site where you can custom make a recyclable bag. How cool is that! With this gift, you can assist your family member or friend in eliminating plastic bags, and they will be reminded of you every time they shop.
Here’s a link to their site to learn more

9. Purrfect gift for a Pet Lover!
We all know at least one animal lover. We all probably even know an animal lover who would choose to forgo their gift to help animals in need. Give them the gift they will really love by making a donation in their honor to the Pet Finder Foundation. They, and a deserving four-legged friend, will love you for it!

10. Make your own holiday cards and gift-wrapping!
Save paper, and money, and have some festive fun making your own cards! They’ll be more personal, and much more appreciated. One of the greatest gifts of all is spending a little time showing someone you care about them, so get crafty and creative! Also, you can recycle newspapers or magazines to use as wrapping paper. Your gift will then include juicy celebrity gossip, or vital world news that they might need to be reminded of.
Price range: Could be FREE

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