Thursday, June 14, 2012

Missy's Homestead Part 6 - 3 Leg Style

Now that we live in the little cottage in Sonoma County I have this beautiful space where I can sit outside, enjoy the sun, garden and watch my dog be more happy than she has ever been in her life.  We have a wonderful bbq that we got as a hand-me-down from my husband's grandfather, so now that we can cook outside I wanted to be able to eat outside.
Which always requires some sort of table! 

hmmmm I smell project.

I decided that I didn't want just your everyday outdoor table.  No I wanted to take an old door and make a table.  Awhile back I noticed that the people who live next to me, in my back ally, had 2 very cool looking oldie-timey (yes this is a official my mind) doors that I fell in love with and in my mind had already made a table with.  However, I couldn't start making the table until I actually asked if they were getting rid of the doors.  So for weeks I kind of waited around in my garden for longer than normal hoping that my nice neighbors would come out so I could ask them about the doors.  No luck.  Until finally one day they did come out.  We said hello, exchanged some pleasantries and of course I asked them if they needed me to take those doors off of their hands.  Get them out of the drive way.  Clean up the streets.  Of course much to my disappointment they were already planning on using those great looking doors for a project of their own.  Darn.  Oh well on to the next door...wherever it maybe.  

As time went on I still had no door.  I happened to be in King City visiting my family one weekend when I mentioned to Dad that I was looking for a door and if he found one to let me know.   Of course dad laughed and was like "well...I happen to have this old door in the back of my shop,  could you use that?"  I laughed right back at him and was like "dad if it is a free door I will take it!"  A couple weeks later Dad and Mom visited up at our cottage and brought that old door.  It wasn't exactly like the doors I had imagined but it would work just fine.

The next quest was to find some used legs.  I decided that the place to go was this amazing salvage yard called Heritage Salvage.  They specialize in used wood materials like fence boards, old windows etc. So I went into the very back looking for old table legs that I could attach to my door.  Much to my excitement I found some legs that would work great!  The trouble was is that at some point someone bought one of the four legs and so I was left with 3 perfectly, sturdy legs or 4 very flimsy legs that couldn't hold up a door let alone anything else.

Fine I said.  We will make it a 3 legged table!  We bought some lag bolts and screwed a couple holes into the door and stuck the legs into the door.  And Just like that I had a back yard table!  We drilled a hole in the middle so that I could stick an umbrella in, which has proven to be a very necessary accessory to the table, as it has been very sunny and hot the last several weeks.  Of course it is not totally flat on top because of the square grooves but it works.  And I think it looks awesome.  It does kinda of look like it belongs in an MC Esher painting but who cares.  I was able to make something I really needed out of all recycled materials.  And my dad got to finally get rid of that funky door he was keeping "for some reason."

On to the next homestead project.  And remember Consume More, Buy Less.



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