Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missy's Homestead - For the Birds

Missy's Homestead - For the Birds

My newest feeder 

When I was living in NYC birds were everywhere and not really just any birds but pigeons.  If you have ever been to New York City you know what I am talking about.  They are everywhere.  

Now I don't hate birds, in fact I think some birds are very pretty, but I never set anything out to attracted a bird.  (Except that one time when I left my window open in my 23rd floor apartment on 135th street and a  a rouge pigeon flew into my open window and proceeded to poop all over my house and scare the living daylights out of my husband.)  So other than that I never purposefully tried to attracted birds while living in NYC.  Now almost 9 months later I find myself with not one, not two, but three bird feeders in my new backyard.  I am not sure what that is not true....let me be honest...I do know how it happened.  This past christmas my mother in law, who has like 15 bird feeders on her house in the mountains, gave me a little bird feeder in my stocking.  I thought it was a sweet gift and so I went and bought a large bag of bird seed and hung it up in my new kitchen window.  Over a couple months I got a few birds but mostly i just got bird seed everywhere.  I would drop it while filling the feeder or the bottom would fall out after I filled it and my dog would come running to eat it.  Or a few times the top fell off and the bird feeder dropped to the ground.  The final time it did this the feeder did not recover.  

Broke once and I tried to glue it back together. Fell again never could
hold it together.  Goodbye feeder.
Several months later my own mother gave me a hummingbird feeder since she was upgrading to a nicer one.  OMG...I have never met a bird more hungry than a little pack of hummingbirds.  I have to fill that sucker almost every 5 days it seems.  They are adorable and I love seeing them in my window but the amount of sugar water I have to make to keep these little guys happy is insane.  AND...they are SUPER territorial and if you don't keep sugar in the feeder in a regular fashion they dive bomb you when they see you.  I NEED SUGAR they seem to scream at me when the feeder is empty.   Most recently my mother in law bought me a nicer feeder that I have since put up in my living room window.  

2nd feeder in the backyard.  very popular with the birds

Hummingbird feeder with a rouge hop plant on it

I am not sure that the birds really need my charity all that much.  I assume they can find wonderful food around here in Sonoma County but it makes me happy to see the little birdies swinging from the feeder grabbing a seed or the little hummingbirds flapping their wings so fast that you can't see them.  Hopefully some birds will discover my newest feeder and quietly thank that crazy blonde lady for putting out some seed.

Cheers for now,

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