Thursday, July 5, 2012

What You Can Do Vidcon2012 Recap

 VidCon 2012 - Anaheim Convention Center
WYCD Creator Jessica Speaking on the
First Page Comedy Panel 
Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Annual VidCon Conference in Anaheim California, with What You Can Do Creator Jessica Arinella and Executive Producer Alicia. Jessica was asked to speak on several panels throughout the 4 day conference.  One was about writing for the first page in a comedy. The second was about making a difference with online video and third was a 5 minute presentation on the main stage to talk about the work that What You Can Do is doing to help inspire people to change the world, even if they only have one minute of time. 
First Page Comedy Panel
Expo Floor
Making the World Better with Online Video Panel
Since I work on the social media side of our project I spent most of the conference tweeting, taking pictures, videos, passing out flyers and encouraging our team from the audience.  I have not been to many conferences in my life,  and most of them were 15 of so years ago.  Since Vidcon is a conference about video online I was not exactly sure what to expect from the other people presenting and masses attending.  But I have to say that among the 7,000 attendees and even more speakers every single person we talked to was extremely nice, encouraging and kind.  There was also a great sense of fun brought to the conference.   Large Blowup Games such as giant twister and a bounce house with plastic balls always had someone bouncing around and enjoying the game area, and there were people cruising up and down in the expo area looking at the booths and meeting the vendors.  Most of the vendors were making videos etc. at their booths which was fun to watch as conference attendees would be running around in front of cameras dressed in silly costumes and carrying big props.  All in the name of creating online content. There were a lot of youtube personality signings plus an amazing amount of daily small group lectures.  I was so impressed at the variety of small lectures that the conference offered.  From our panel, "Changing The World With Online Video" to seminars such as: "Building Your Business On YouTube, What I Wish I'd Known: Social Media" Etc. Etc.   
Making the World Better with Online Video Panel
What You Can Do Creator Jessica did such a great job of chatting with attendees about the benefits of Online Video and encouraging the younger generations to use their voices and keyboards to help change the world.  We showed a WYCD video in the panel and encouraged our mainstage crowd to use their smart phones to help save the rainforest by going to the and clicking the link to help.
WYCD on the Main Stage
Another great experience that Vidcon provided was the opportunity to spend time in person with some of the other people who are out there making a difference.  For example we were privileged to be presenting on the Mainstage with the lovely people of StickAid from the UK.  StickAid is helping to do amazing things through online video to help raise money and awareness for the organization UNICEF.    Their Mission is: To raise awareness, and to help save and improve the lives of children in the poorest regions of the world.  To give you an idea of how they do this and who founded StickAid you can watch their newest video at:   StickAid was founded by Myles Dyer in 2006, and is an annual 24 hour non-stop LIVE web-show which was created to raise money for the charity UNICEF.  
Main Stage Attendees

Overall the conference was a wonderful experience and I was so glad that I was able to tag along and document our time there with Tweets, Instagram pics and Video.  You can check out creator Jessica's Mainstage speech here:
Thank you to everyone who attended the conference and came to our panels and supported us with cheers and interest in our project to help to change the world.  
If you are interested in attending VidCon next year follow this link to their website and check out the list of other panels that they offered at this year's conference. 
Cheers and many thanks to all the staff who put this year's conference together. Great Job.

Until Next Week,

Melissa  #bethechange

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