Thursday, August 30, 2012

WYCD talks with Pet Blogs United

To all of you pet lovers out there, there’s a blog you may already know of and love, and if you don’t yet, it’s one you must check out!

Pam, an animal enthusiast, along with her faithful and handsome miniature schnauzer Oskar, started Pet Blogs United. Serving as a mecca for pet bloggers, Pet Blogs United links pet lovers to countless pet inspired blogs, and encourages the community to follow bloggers, leave comments, and even become bloggers themselves.

Pam and Oskar were kind enough to help promote our You Can Do This Campaign, and the warm-hearted community of animal enthusiasts that visit the blog helped us to reach, and surpass, our goal of raising $50,000 for shelter animals around the country.

From all of us here at What You Can Do, we’d like to say thank you to Pam for showing us what she can do in one minute to change the world! If you love animals as much as we do, visit Pet Blogs United, and get involved in the pet blogging community!  It’s a great way to find new blogs and meet new friends.

Read my interview with Pam to learn more about her and Oskar, and Pet Blog United.  Make sure you also follow her on twitter and facebook at:

What inspired you to start Pets Blog United?
There were a lot of pet bloggers out there feeling like they were in their own little world.  I wanted to create a place where not only can you find hundreds of other pet blogs in our blogroll, but also a place to have your pet blog featured for more visibility.

Why do you think pet bloggers are some of the kindest people you’ve come across?
I would say because anyone who takes the time out of their life to blog for, or about their pet, must be really plugged in to that pet.  And those people have hearts a little bigger.

What’s your favorite part of the pet/pet blogging community, on and offline.
My favorite part of the pet blogging community is seeing all of the fundraising, quilt making, auctions, etc. that happen when a pet blogger has an emergence.

Offline, I love the pet blogging conferences.  I’ve attended 2 BlogPaws & will be going to my first BarkWorld this October.

If someone who’s reading this is thinking of adopting a pet what advice would you give them?
Do research.  Then do more research.  You need to find the right kind of pet for your home, for your family.

Make sure you’re willing to make at least an hour a day commitment to that pet.

Make sure you’re willing to make a 10-15 year commitment to that pet.

Our mission is to help change the world in just one minute. Could you share some quick and easy ways people can help animals?
Pick up some extra food at the store & donate it to your shelter.  Often shelters are in need of things that we can supply them with cheaply and easily, like old towels & inexpensive bleach

And one last thing…can you tell me about Oskar, and your favorite Oskar story?
Well Oskar is a 7 year old, excessively handsome, miniature schnauzer.  He feels that he is in charge around here & gets quite upset when we don’t all listen to him.

My favorite Oskar story would have to be when he ate the stuffing out of one of his toys.  We couldn’t find any stuffing until a couple of days later when he was outside and having difficulty going to the bathroom. 

I went outside & it looked like he had a little white cotton tail (Oskar is all black).  It was the missing stuffing that I had to “help” remove.  It wasn’t either one of our finest moments!

Pam Hoerauf created & maintains The Daily Oskar ( and Pet Blogs United (  She is owned by Oskar, an excessively handsome miniature schnauzer & 2 cats, Chloe & Moe.

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