Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missy's Homestead: Gotta Love Thrifting

I love to shop.  It is true.  

I love window shopping, I love shopping with a purpose and I love shopping simply for no reason at all.  Growing up my grandmother use to take me thrift store shopping every summer.  I loved the hunt and especially loved getting things for a great deal.  When I was living in NYC I hardly ever went to thrift stores.  Occasionally if I was out around town and happened to run into one I might have stopped in.  But in general I rarely ever found the time  to go "thrifting".  

Since moving back to California I have had a restored passion in my thrifting.  Within walking distance from my house alone I have 6 thrift stores at my disposal and many more than that when I have the car for the day.  I love it.  I can go in to a thrift store and find great deals on pants, shoes, kitchen items and more.  But it takes some patience.  You may not find what you are looking for every time you go into a thrift store.  You have to be willing to wait awhile until you come across the item that you are looking for.  I find that not only can I usually get something that is amazing but I can also feel good about my purchase.  Most thrift stores are associate with either a Hospice or a "do good" company, i.e. the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  Some are even associated with helping to raise money for a specific problem, like cancer.  Not only am I able to find a product for less money than if I bought it new but I am also contributing to a good cause.  Now there is of course many times when thrifting for an item may not work.  If you need something right now than maybe going to a thrift store is not the solution but you never know.  Thrifting is also what I would consider a type of "green" shopping.  Instead of buying something that has tons of packaging, or might have simply been put in a landfill etc. etc. you are keeping items in circulation instead of filling up our earth with more trash.  What a great way to be green and help consumer more and buy less.  By purchasing and using something that has already been made you help create less waste.

I know thrift stores are not for everyone.  That is okay.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend one's money on nice, new things.  However, if you can find simple ways to save money and help save the earth, try buying that ice cube tray or that new coffee mug, or that pair or jeans at a place where you can feel good about where your dollar is being spent and your contribution to the environment.  Plus I guarantee you will have fun at a thrift store if you just take a moment to look at all the amazing things that people have donated.  

Until Next Time.  Buy More and Consume Less! (p.s. try thrifting)

thrift store near my house!

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