Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Missy's Homestead: Learning to be a Chicken Mother

As all my readers know I have wanted chickens ever since I moved to Sonoma County.  I love fresh eggs and I loved the idea of chickens wandering freely in my back yard.  Now that I actually have the homemade coop and my little flock of chickens I have to deal with the reality of actually having, caring for and raising my chickens.

Inside the Coop!
Gloria my she rest in peace
In my mind I was going to live in a perfect utopian world where dog and chicken hang out together in my little backyard.  Unfortunately this dream has proven difficult.  I have been sharing this chicken dream with the ladies that live in the house in front of my little cottage.  They went with me the day we finished the coop and helped pick out 4 lovely little pullet chickens (young hens that are not yet of laying age).  We introduced them to their new home and put a little fence around the coop to help keep them contained when we were not around the house.  Unfortunately for me the one thing I never thought would happen did.  My 12 pound fluffy white dog absolutely lost her mind when she saw these 4 chickens take over her backyard.  She had a fit and we could not calm her down.  I assumed she was just excited and we wanted to get her and the other dog that lives on the property a chance to smell the new arrivals.  We had Lola on a leash so she could sniff out the chickens but before we knew it she had one of them in her mouth. Through screams and a lot of commotion we finally were able to get the chicken from her but unfortunately it was too late.  The chicken did not make it.  Needless to say I absolutely lost it.  I was in a terrible state and it took me awhile to calm down.  Some farmer I am.  The first day of my chickens I lose one to the dog I consider my child.  How could my child do such a thing??!  I never expected it.  But truth be told I don't often look at my dog as a dog.

As I move forward on my little homestead I believe I have to work on my expectations.  Things are not always as we imagine them. Dog and Chicken will not always lie down together in perfect harmony. They will be what they are.  I am not sure if Lola will ever accept my new project (the chickens) but what I do know is that I am learning how to deal with the realities of my decisions to be a homesteader.  Not everything is going to work out the way I wanted it too.  Sometimes I live in the clouds.  Learning to deal with nature and how things grow within it is something I am learning here on the homestead.  And everyday is a new adventure.

Speaking of: While I was gone the ladies in the front house replaced the lost chicken with 3 more chickens.   So now I really am the crazy chicken lady with the total chicken count at 6.

More adventures to come while making my way to a simpler, more sustainable life on my little homestead.

Until next week.

Consume More, Buy Less, Don't always think your dog and chickens will love each other.


The new flock.  Holy Moly 6 Chickens

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