Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Missy's Homestead: Make a Difference Day

working at the sign
This past weekend my brother and his wife were in town from Austin Tx, where they live.  I wanted to see them before they headed back so I road tripped it down to the Salinas Valley where my parents live.  It was a great weekend filled with fun times hanging out with my family.  Playing the family loved game Pinochle, helping my dad cook up a delicious meal and catching up with the day to day of our lives that we miss all living in different parts of the country.  
my brother picking up the clippings
me behind the sign cutting back the ivy
mom and brandon

My parents have lived in King City, CA for all of my life.  My mom moved there in the late 70's and my dad was born there.  It is a lovely little town that has been my rock in good times and bad.  

My mom has always been very active in the community.  She has been the president of the chamber of commerce, set up yearly beautification weeks in the town, etc. etc.  In years past and ran the "Shop King City First"  campaign before shopping local was the cool thing to do.  This year my mom has decided to run for city council in order to help continue to grow her town into a better and more beautiful place.  In keeping with her effort to help the community on Saturday the whole family participated in "Make a Difference Day" which was being held in King City on Saturday and Sunday. 
working hard

We all got up early and went down to our city sign at the beginning of town and spent a couple hours clearing out the messy flower beds and clearing branches away so you could see the signs better.  We cut away ivy, put some other flowers in the beds to add some color and fixed the organization signs that needed to be replaced or removed all together.  With the 6 of us (our other friend joined us) working together it didn't take very long and it wasn't that hard to help make the town look  just a little bit better.  I really liked the idea of having a weekend in the town where everyone pitches in and makes a difference.   You are not limited to what you can do to help your community. Volunteering a few hours at your local shelter, cleaning the gutters in the street, picking up trash, helping your neighbors clean their yards.  There are many many ways to help make a difference in your community.   

As we like to say here at what you can do, evening if you only have one minute you can change the world.  

hanging another sign
Okay that is all for now. More to come.

Remember Consume more, Buy Less....Make a difference in your community.

my shadow and the only working rakes my parents had.
crazy. we went and got them some new ones after this adventure. 

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  1. Grandma Gigi used to say "Many hands make the burden light." This was proof that working together can be fun and productive. Thanks for helping! You Made a Difference!