Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missy's Homestead: Resolution Ideas

Resolutions Part 1

Like most people I always make New Year Resolutions.  And like most people they last for about the first month and then they fade.  And again like most people every year I vow that this year will be different. 

Even though I know all this I still want to make some resolutions for this year.  Here is a list of  a few of my ideas that you might also want to try out.

1.  Try my best to use less paper towels and commit to buying them recycled.  I love paper towels.  They are quick and easy plus they just get the job done.  I love them.  I am not afraid to admit it.   However, I do use too many and consequently I often buy them in bulk at Costco.  Thus giving me plenty of papertowels but they sure are not recycled.  I need to amend this habit.  I need to use less paper towels and if I am going to buy them I need to buy them from recycled materials.  I think that the best way I can achieve this goal is by using more reusable kitchen towels.  This way I can wash them once they are dirty and reuse them.  Also I feel like instead of keeping the paper towels out where they are easily accessible, that I should put them away.    If the paper towel are out the way I feel that I would opt for using the kitchen towel before I roll out the paper towels.

2.  Always do Meatless Monday.  I don't think this will be that hard for me as both my husband and I love veggies and other meatless item.  The problem for me is just committing to always remembering to do so.  The benefits for participating in this are not just for the health benefits but also it helps the environment and contributes to a reduction of your carbon footprint.  

3.  Investing in a rain catcher or barrel.  It rains all the time in the winter and spring in sonoma county.  Reusing rain water is a great way to help the environment and help protect our water resources.  I can feed my plants stored rain water and water my grass with water
that has all been collected from the massive amounts of rain fall.  Again it is just about committing to taking the time to catch the water.

4.  Get off the mailing list of printed catalogs.   Billions of catalogs are mailed out in America and each of these costs millions in trees, water, printing etc.  If we could reduce our use of these printed materials we could help eliminate some of the stress on our environment.  Less clutter, less pollutions, less waste all around.  I need to commit a day to contacting all the companies that send me their catalogs and have them remove me from their mailing list.  

5.  Learn to save on my energy bill buy giving up washing cloths in hot water.  Most of the energy that a washing machine uses is for the heating of the water.  I find that cloths come out just as clean with cold water.  So why not commit to saving money and resources by never turning the dial to Hot.  

Okay I have a few more resolutions but that is it for now, more next week.  Also if you have some great Green inspired resolutions please let me know.  I would love to hear about the ways that others are trying to be better stewards of our earth.

Until next time Consume More, Buy Less, Commit to be the change.  


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