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What You Can Do Honors Our Night Sky and Supports Our Troops

May 2013
Dear Friends,

What You Can Do spearheaded two campaigns this month - one to protect the natural darkness of the night sky, and one to honor our service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.   

First up we called upon Dark Ranger Kevin Poe to revisit one of our favorite topics, Protecting the Night Sky.  Kevin outlined the major threats our bodies and our planet face from excess light pollution and shared simple one minute ideas to help combat them.  By the campaign's end, we had 2,100 people vow to become Dark Rangers and agree to join the battle to Protect the Night. 

In honor of Memorial Day, we then teamed up with Solider's Angels to honor our fallen service members. We asked our community to visit Soldier's Angels' Facebook page to share messages of gratitude on theirFallen but not Forgotten Memorial Wall.  Through this collaboration, we had over 28,000 people share photos and submit messages of support and thanks.  

In addition to these two successful campaigns, What You Can Do has exciting news to report! We've been named the 2012 Accolade Awards' Humanitarian of the Year.  In addition, we received a Gold Remi from Houston WorldFest for Commercials or Public Service Announcements.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Thanks so much, 
The On the Leesh Team 
What You Can Do's Campaigns to Protect the Night and Honor Our Service Members 
Protecting the Night: Our Connection to the Stars
Protecting the Night: Our Connection to the Stars

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and every summer we head outside to perform one of our favorite past times - star gazing. Unfortunately, all of the artificial light that we use, not only makes it harder to see the stars, but has a serious and detrimental impact on our environment and our health. This month, What You Can Do teamed up with the always informative and ever entertaining Dark Ranger Kevin Poe, to learn about the issues we face from excess light pollution.  Sea turtles and migrating birds are two of the species affected by artificial nighttime light, but they're not the only ones. Humans are directly impacted by this issue since it affects our ability to sleep, and sleep is so important for our bodies' restorative functions, keeping our stress down, and helping to curtail future illness.  
Does this all seem overwhelming?  Well Kevin not only illuminated the issues we currently face, but he also followed up with simple one minute ways that we can make a difference. If you haven't watched the videos on our YouTube channel, be sure to check them out.  For more information on how you can help fight the issue of light pollution, follow Ranger Poe on Facebook or YouTube.  He regularly posts great facts, anecdotes and and innovative ways to get involved.    
Memorial Day is also a time to stop and give thanks to our service members, and to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  For the last two weeks in May, What You Can Do and Soldier's Angels partnered to honor fallen service members and their families.  We encouraged our community to visit Soldier's Angels' Facebook Page.  Under their photo album labeled "Fallen but not Forgotten," people could write messages of thanks, appreciation, support and encouragement.  
What You Can Do also encouraged our community to share their thoughts on our Facebook page.  People wrote in their own messages of thanks, shared our photos of appreciation and re-tweeted our messages of gratitude.  The words that were shared were forwarded on as letters to active service members.  We are proud to report that through this collaboration, over 28,000 people came together to offer their gratitude and support to our troops.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in the conversation on Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube.


This summer, What You Can Do is dedicating June and July to our oceans. We're partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and The Parker Manatee Aquarium at the South Florida Museum to highlight the most pressing issues currently affecting our seas as well as highlighting some inspirational stories of people working in the field.  We'll spend the summer celebrating our oceans and the amazing creatures that live within them.
If you're an artist, we're holding a contest in honor of our oceans in New York City. We're seeking works of art made from recycled plastic that will be featured as part of a show at Bushwick Coffee House, a coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY. The contest will culminate in an event and concert with the Sea Monsters on July 20th.  Write us at info@ontheleesh.com for more information.    
Be sure to write in and share your ideas on how to protect our oceans!
What You Can Do has just been named the 2012 Accolade Award Humanitarian of the Year.  We are completely honored and humbled by this award  
In addition, What You Can Do won a Gold Remi Award from Houston WorldFest for Commercials/Public Service Announcements.  We're so thrilled with this honor.  Lastly,What You Can Do has been selected to compete in the2013 Manhattan Film Festival - if your'e in NYC, be sure to check it out.  
It's been a busy month for us, and  we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire cast and production crew of What You Can Do, as well as the wonderful organizations we partner with, and our incredible fans and community! 
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Min' Ette, the face of the Unstoppable Minute Vlog, has been busy mining the web for facts, constellations, and images of our Night Sky  as well as inspiring photos  that honor our Service Members.

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On the Leesh would like to extend our congratulations to our clients at Super Styling Sessions: Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco. Our video won the Barkleigh Award for "Best DVD 2012" which is the follow up for our Barkleigh Award win of "Best DVD Series - 2011."

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