Friday, June 28, 2013

Our June 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

What You Can Do is spending this summer honoring our oceans from coast to coast.  Recently, we made trips to The Parker Manatee Aquarium at The South Florida Museum and The Monterey Bay Aquarium to interview their experts on the current health of our oceans, and what people can do to help. 

Our videos spotlighted the issues of climate change, plastics, sustainable seafood, and the human impact of overfishing and trash disposal.  More importantly, we highlighted one minute ways to make an impact and help. 

In addition, on June 22nd, What You Can Do's video: Help Fight Hunger in New York City, featuring one of our favorite organizations, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, screened at the Manhattan Film Festival in Greenwhich Village.  Thanks to the festival for including us. We had a blast!

Wish you and yours a happy kick off to the summer, 
The On the Leesh Team

A few weeks ago, Amanda visited The Monterey Bay Aquarium to interview experts on the most pressing topics affecting our oceans today. 

First up, Amanda interviewed Jim Covel, the Senior Manager of Guest Experiences, about the state of our oceans and ocean health in general. All the choices we make affect our oceans.  Everything from the pesticides we use on our lawns, the cars that leaks oil onto pavement, and the cleaning products that we choose for our homes, all will eventually run off into our seas. Even if you're in the middle of the country! Check out the video to learn how you can help make better choices to protect one of our most valuable resources. 

Next up, Ryan Bigelow, outreach manager for the Seafood Watch Program, explained that we have already lost over 85% of the big fish in our oceans. According to the aquarium, catching fish faster than they can reproduce may be the single biggest threat to ocean ecosystems. Downloading the app or a pocket guide  from Seafood Watch, allows consumers to make better choices at restaurants and supermarkets.  Making better choices and talking about the issue of overfishing will help bring back fish populations.  It has worked to bring back Swordfish and Chilean Sea Bass, so let's give it a try! Watch this video to find out more.
Thanks to The Monterey Bay Aquarium for such a warm welcome, and to everyone who got involved in the conversation on Facebook.  Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube.


July continues What You Can Do's dedication to our oceans.  We're traveling to Bradenton, Florida to interview Marilyn Margold at The Parker Manatee Aquarium at The South Florida Museum.  The Parker Manatee Aquarium is the home to the ambassador of Manatees, Snooty. He's turning 65 this year, so stay tuned to find out who you can celebrate manatees in his honor.  Marilyn also discusses the biggest threats to our marine wildlife and how we can help make a difference.   

If you're an artist, we're holding a contest in honor of our oceans in New York City. We're seeking works of art made from recycled plastic that will be featured as part of a show at Bushwick Coffee House, a coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY. The contest will culminate in an event and concert with the Sea Monsters on July 20th.  Write us at for more information.    

Be sure to write in and share your ideas on how to protect our oceans!

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