Thursday, September 26, 2013

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In honor of our partnership with Rachel's Challenge for Kindness Week 2013,
we decided to reach out via social media (Twitter and Facebook) to see what
other people are saying about kindness.  Last Friday, WYCD held a twitter
chat to connect with people regarding their feelings about kindness.  We got
some great answers to our questions and wanted to share a few of them on our
blog.  We also would love to hear from any of you out there.  

So please feel free to comment below on our questions.  We also posted some calls to action that we hope people will take to heart when thinking and acting on the theme
of #kindness.  You can find our intro video to #KindnessWeek 2013 here.  And
stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and our blog for the rest of our
#KindnessWeek 2013 videos.  You can see our first video here:  #kindnesweekopeningvideo

Q1:  What is one simple way to show kindness to a stranger?
Call to Action: Smile at someone who looks like they real need it.  It can really make a difference in someone's day.    

@BostonsportSAHD said:  Hold the door open & smile!

Q2:  What is one easy way to include someone in an activity?
Call to Action:  Include someone who is new to your school, sports team, dance class etc.  Ask them if they want to join you. Never hurts to ask and make someone feel included.

@Michele Parvis said:  Kindness is thinking of the needs of someone else.  Sacrificing your own happiness for them.

Q3:  What Random Acts of kindness have you shown in the past year?  
Call to Action:  Buy someone a drink in the line behind you.  Hold the door open for a stranger.  Pay someone's toll on the bridge. Pick up some trash that someone dropped.

@ashkclt said:  It's amazing how much a stranger's kindness means if you are having a tough day!

@LaWanda Berryman mentioned she helped a women when she needed food and diapers for her baby.

Q4:  What is one simple way you can show support in your community?
Call to Action:  Reach out to an old friend to make sure that they are okay.  Take a hot meal to an elderly neighbor.

@GracefulAging said:  Engage life in the present moment.  LIsten, smile, observe, and offer yourself generously.

Q5:  What is one way you can support a family member?
Call to Action: Reach out tp reconcile with a loved one.  Or call them to let them know how much you appreciate them in your life.

@Karen Torgerson said:  Love unconditionally!

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