Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fighting hunger, one meal at a time: Interview from the Holy Apostles Fast-A-Thon

Our sponsorship guru Kristin Thomas is participating in the Fast-A-Thon hosted by Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, the largest soup kitchen in New York City, today. She committed to eating just one meal, the same way many of the soup kitchen guests do. All money raised from sponsorship will go towards food costs for the winter - it's one of the soup kitchen's busiest times, with up to 1,400 people a day coming in for a hot meal.

Kristin shared her thoughts on her Fast-A-Thon experience so far and her passion for fighting hunger:

Can you share why you decided to participate in the Fast-A-Thon?

I wanted to show my support to Holy Apostles and represent the What You Can Do team. Plus my uncle was a pastor and a huge activist for the homeless and fighting hunger in the US. I learned from him ways to help others in need. This is just one day with 1 meal for me while others fight this daily in their lives. I wish I could do more but I didn't hesitate taking the Holy Apostles Fast-A-Thon challenge.

How do you feel after several hours with no food?

Well I decided to go into the office to work today because I could tell I was getting edgy and spastic. I have been
thinking of food since I woke up this morning. Non-stop thinking of meals and second guessing why I took the challenge so I can eat. It's more of a mind game this morning than anything. I'm sure as the hours go on, my mental state will change. 

Do the liquids you are allowed to drink help the hunger?

The coffee and water are really helping. It hasn't stop my food craving because I keep thinking about bagels but it does make you feel like you're staying hydrated. I'm thankful for the coffee.

Does hunger affect your ability to focus on work?

The funny thing is I have worked non-stop because I'm trying not to focus on food. The work is a great distraction. 

Does this experience so far change your view on people facing hunger every day?

Of course but I have always been someone that has been proactive about fighting hunger since I was in high school because of my uncle's influence. I know there are people struggling to get at least one meal a day and it breaks my heart. I have seen families outside waiting for the soup kitchens to open to feed their children. Our world isn't perfect but if each of us can lend a hand we can work to fight hunger, one person at a time.

Check out our video below to learn how the Holy Apostles Fast-A-Thon will help the 1 in 5 New Yorkers facing hunger. To make a donation and for more information, visit:

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