Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gratitude from the WYCD team

In our latest video, the team and guests at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in New York City share why they are grateful this holiday season:

Our What You Can Do team is so grateful to our wonderful fans for joining us in the mission to change the world, one minute at a time, in 2013. From spreading kindness to fighting hunger, you've inspired us with your passion and ideas.

Below our team members share the things they are grateful for this holiday season:

  • Jessica Friends, family, having enough to eat, a wonderful WYCD team, having a place to call home, a new baby, our health, apple pie, chocolate, fall leaves, first snow, NYC, getting in touch with friends, laughter, hot tea, cheese!
  • Alicia I'm grateful for indoor plumbing, penicillin, and band-aids. I'm grateful for Back to the Future, but only Part 1. I'm grateful that my sister told me how Allegiant ends, so I could stop reading it before I threw it out the window. I'm grateful that my niece has perfect toes, eyelashes, cheeks, AND smarts. I'm grateful that I'm in a warm house filled with family and friends. I'm grateful that we were cooked a delicious and thoughtful meal. I'm grateful that all my loved ones are healthy, and I am oh so grateful that I know what it means to feel truly loved. 
  • Melissa My family, my awesome work friends, my dog Lola, a new city to call home.
  • Kristin I'm grateful for my family and friends, good health, working with WYCD family and having a place to call home after busy days at work. Oh I'm also grateful for the invention of coffee and pizza.
  • Ashley Family and friends who keep me laughing and always pick up the phone when I need them, a sweet healthy daughter, the amazing WYCD team, our new house, health coffee and countless everyday blessings.
  • Amanda I'm grateful for my family and friends and OTL team, my health, chocolate, pie, good movies, and friends to share thanksgiving with when you can't be with your family.

  • Sarah I'm grateful for my Brooklyn community, all my wonderful friends and colleagues, getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Philadelphia.
  • James I'm grateful that I have a warm place to eat turkey, and that all my limbs still work, and that I have family and friends who are always there for me.

We wish you all a joyful Thanksgiving with loved ones! We would love to hear from you about what you're grateful for this holiday season.

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