Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WYCD Mother's Corner: Sustainable Wooden Toys

The toys come inside small paperboys.  Not plastic
Now that I am a mom there are things that I never thought about before but now am concerned and invested in.  

Finding toys that are entertaining but also non-toxic, green, sustainable etc. has become one of those things that I never really paid much attention to but now care very much about. It often can be hard to find safe and well made toys. Toys are made all over the world and often you have no idea what materials they are made out of or if they are safe for your child.  

John Warren playing with his ladybug

That is why right now I am really loving my son’s new wooden PlanToys.   

I wasn’t aware of this company before I had my son, but after I got pregnant I heard about these toys because they strive to create wooden products that are green, sustainably made and educational for our little ones.

Plan Toys and their sustainable play promise.

Right now my son has been enjoying chewing on his wooden ladybug and throwing around his wooden car. He chews on everything right now so it is nice to know that these toys are safe for my little guy even if he is trying to eat them. They are made with non-toxic glues and dyes. Plus they use organic paint and recycled materials. Each toy is rated for different ages to help with gross and fine motor skills.  

Sustainable map that comes with toys -
shows the manufacturing process
and where/how the toys are made.
These wooden toys are simple but they are entertaining and it makes me feel good knowing that he’s playing with safe toys.  

(My only note would be that that they are somewhat hard and heavy because they are made of wood so if your child is really into throwing things - you might want to not let them play with the toys unsupervised.)

If you want more information about these children’s toys you can check them out here:  http://usa.plantoys.com/products/



Mama Missy

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