Monday, June 20, 2016

WYCD's Mommy Monday: Green Summer Fun with the Kids

Hey All!  

Associate producer Missy here - like many of you I have a little one at home to entertain during the summer months. There are so many options for fun, but sometimes projects can be expensive or resource heavy. This summer my little guy and I are going to try to keep things simple and eco-friendly. Here is a list of some of the things we are planning to do. 

One of the succulent gardens I have made.
Hiking - My little guy loves going on adventures. So we will strap on our backpack and take some short rides up to the hills. A quick hike to check out the scenery and get some exercise is a must for this summer. We will pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors. And we always make sure to dispose of/carry out our trash when spending time outside.

My son and dog in our bike trailer.
Succulent Gardens - I love having collections of potted succulent gardens placed all over my backyard. Putting various types of succulents together is a simple and fun backyard activity. My favorites are Hens-and-Chicks, Jade and Christmas Cactus.  Succulents are easy to maintain, drought resistant and look good all summer long.  Check your local garden center for these beautiful plants.

Bike to the Farmers Market - Biking is such a great eco-friendly way to get around and my son LOVES riding in his bike trailer. (My dog is still on the fence...)

U-Pick Veggie Stands - These types of farms are so much fun for kids and make a great outing for the day.  Make sure to eat your pickings quickly so nothing goes to waste and always remember to wear sunscreen and hats when you are out picking in a field.

Water Play  - My son adores being out in the hot sun and playing with water. I don’t mind him using water to cool off on hot days, but we try to conserve water by playing with our water table and small buckets instead of running sprinklers continuously.  

Fun Learning at the Library - Visiting your local library is a great way to find new books to read during the summer (and escape the heat without having to run your AC at home). Many libraries offer kids story time or other fun events - check out the calendar at your area library.  

Homemade popsicles made with
plums that I got at the Farmers Market 
Eco-friendly DIY projects:  I really want to make a DIY outdoor play kitchen for my little guy. I will be on the look out for old furniture that I can repurpose for some outdoor fun.

Inspiration for a kid's back yard kitchen.
Homemade Popsicles - Making your own delicious popsicles is a great way to avoid plastic packaging that goes directly into landfills. Consider making these with those farm fresh fruits that you just picked yourself!  

Backyard Camping - What could be more fun than putting up a tent in your own backyard? Save energy and money on gas by having a staycation.

Meatless Monday - Simple and easy. We plan on grilling up a ton of veggies from our garden this summer.  I also adore this delicious Meatless Monday recipe from the blog Two Peas and Their Pod, check it out here:

Backyard Picnics - Eating outside is a fun way to keep meal time entertaining with little ones. Pack food in reusable containers to avoid single use items which go directly into landfills (or use dishes from your home if staying in your own backyard).

My paper towel roll.
Parting with Paper-towels - My goal for the summer is to use less and less paper towels. I have plenty of cloth dishtowels, and just need to start putting it into practice. This summer is a great time to break my paper towel habit.

Recycled Crafts - My son loves to draw on things, rip things apart, paint on things etc. Using old cardboard boxes and junk mail is a great way for him to have fun and be creative without having to buy new paper.

Whew! As we can see I have great aspirations for a busy and fun filled summer. We will see how many of these things we actually get to do. Comment below and tell us your plans for the summer and how you will keep it fun and green!


Mama Missy

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