Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WYCD Momma Tuesday: DIY Kids Projects

If you've followed this blog, you know that I love DIY and working with reclaimed products. I am constantly on the quest to reuse products instead of buying new and creating more trash for our landfills. Since becoming a mom, I try to incorporate DIY and reclaimed items into my child’s toy collections. I have high hopes for fun things that I could make for my son over the next several months. Below are some cool ideas - I plan on executing at least a few of these:

Tire Sandbox
1.  Recycled tire sand box - My son loves going to the sand box at the park. Unfortunately sand can get super messy very quickly, so a large sandbox in our backyard wouldn't really be ideal for keeping our place in order. However, a small one like the one pictured is a more manageable size and a great use for an old tractor or truck tire. One could even make a shade cover with scrap fabric and rope or an old umbrella. 

Wooden Pallet Climbing Wall
2.Wooden Pallet Climbing Wall - I don't know about all kids but in my experience toddlers LOVE to climb. I love the idea of this pallet climbing wall - something simple and easy for them to climb up and down on and work on their motor skills.  

3.  Kids Outdoor Kitchen or Tool Bench - My son just got a used log cabin house for our backyard and I would LOVE to build him a tiny little kitchen to go inside. I love the idea of taking found items like bowls, cups and old faucets and crafting them together into a tiny play kitchen that he can use in his new little house.

Chalk board
4.  Fence Chalkboard - I love chalkboards and have made several reclaimed ones from old windows. I think it would be so fun to have a little chalkboard space outside, along our fence, for my son to draw on. I could also use it for decoration when I have people over.

Kids Outdoor kitchen,

Donut Tire Swing via Pinterest
5.  Painted Tire Swing - One of our favorite parks has a really fun tire swing that all the kids love to ride. I think hanging one for my son and painting it a cute color would be awesome.

6.  Backyard Ball Runs or Water Works - If there are two things toddlers love - it is water and balls. Making some sort of ball run or waterfall along the fence would be so much fun. I have seen these toys made out of old plastic pipe, water bottles and tupperware.

Water feature along fence

I always have big dreams of the projects I am going to do. I may not be able to accomplish all of these, but will keep you posted on my goal to create some of these cool projects by the end of the fall.  Also please comment below and tell us about your cool kids DIY projects. Send us your pictures!!

Happy Creating,

Mommy Missy

**Pictures via pinterest

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