Saturday, September 10, 2016

Momma's Mondays: Making a difference this school year.

September is here.  And that means by now most kids are back in school and the new year is in full swing!  To finish out our #WYCDbacktoschool campaign, we wanted to share a few great ways that you and your kids can be involved with your school or local community this year. Check out these simple ways that you can help make this a great year.

Volunteer in a classroom or with School Sporting Events: Giving your time is one of the easiest and most helpful ways that you can make a difference this school year. Schools can be short staffed and rely on parents to volunteer their time to help make the classroom a better place for learning. Even if you only have one hour of time, helping out a teacher with a classroom full of kids is a great way to give back to your community school. Check with your local district and find out what their specific needs are.  You can also enquire if any of the after school sports programs need outside volunteers.  

Help with a Beautification Project at your School: Even the most well-maintained schools around the country could use some help with beautification projects on campus. Check with your local school and see what needs they have. Simply taking a few hours out of your weekend to plant some flowers, a tree or help clean up the school garden is an easy way to make a difference. Your kids can even get involved planting or picking up trash.  

Got any Artistic skills?  Petition to Paint a Mural: Some schools have indoor or outdoor walls that might need painting. If you happen to have good painting skills and have the motivation, consider petitioning the local school to approve a community focused mural.  Sharing your creativity will not only showcase your talents but will also make the school more beautiful for those attending daily or driving by.

Pick up Trash on your Walk to and from School:  Unfortunately for our Earth, trash has become a daily reality to see on the streets, anywhere you go.  If you are lucky enough to live close enough to be able to walk to school, consider starting a trash clean up project on one of those mornings or afternoons. Leave your home a little earlier than usual and bring along trash pick up tools and bags.   Just doing your best to help keep trash off of your path to school is a meaningful way to give back and an easy project that your children can be a part of.

Support Activities and Clubs with Donations:
If you find yourself short on time this school year, consider using your dollar to help support your local schools instead of volunteering. Many schools hold fundraisers throughout the year to help fund programs such as sports and/or arts. Sometimes just being able to give financial support goes a long way to help make the lives of our children better.

Donate to organizations supporting our teachers and schools: Consider making helpful donations to an organization that provides much needed products to teachers and school based programs like Material for the Arts if you live in the New York City Metro area. Check your local listings to see if there are organizations in your area that accept donations for local school distribution.

If your school community is lucky enough to not need help this year, consider other ways that you can help share the importance of giving back and helping those in need with your kids. For example you can: Volunteer at a local soup kitchen with your kids on the weekend.  Teaching our next generations how to give back is very important. This school year consider spending a few hours one weekend volunteering as a family for your local food banks or soup kitchens.  Being out in the community is a great way to show how important giving back is.

There are so many ways that you can help this school year and help teach our children how important it is to be the change you want to see in the world.

Comment below and tell us your plans for the school year.

The What You Can Do Team

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