Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Time To Give Thanks

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  Even though we know we should be thankful of our family, friends, homes etc. all year long...Thanksgiving time is a great opportunity to really take a moment and celebrate what we are all Thankful for in our lives.

Recently we have seen a lot of great ideas about how to be thankful and spread kindness etc. and wanted to share them with you.  So if you need some last minute ideas here you go!

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1.  Make memories that will last for years: We loved this story about a women who has her family and friends sign her white table cloth each year, thus bringing back memories each year of the previous thanksgiving.  We just loved her idea and wanted to share it here: You can read more of her story by here:  Check it out and consider starting something of your own similar this Thanksgiving.  

2. Get involved with local charities: Some cities have turkey donations at local food banks.  Others have special events to feed the hungry during this time.  Check your local listings for last minute ideas and events that you can participate in to help others around you.  Also consider making a donation in honor of what you are thankful for or in memory of those who are no longer with you.  Events like Run to Feed the Hungry are charitable organizations that sponsor a 5k on Thanksgiving morning in the Sacramento region of California.  Check local listings for charitable events like this in your area. 
Run to Feed the Hungry is owned
by Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
and all profits directly benefit the organization

3.  Share, Share, Share:  If you are looking for a fun way to share what you are thankful for with family or friends around the table consider having everyone write down what they are thankful for at the beginning of the meal and putting it in a bowl or hat.  After dinner or during dessert pass the bowl around and everyone takes a message.  Go around the table and have everyone read the note they received.  Take turns after all the messages have been read to guess who's message was who's. 

4.  Show support with your dollar:  Black Friday shopping has started earlier and earlier as the years have gone on.  If you want to encourages business to let employees have days off for the holidays consider not doing any holiday buying on this Thursday.  Show your support that you want business to continue to care for their employees by staying closed on holidays.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good holiday sale, but if supporting businesses that stay closed for their employees' benefit on Thanksgiving is important to you, please consider using your spending habits to send a message.  

Warmest wishes during this time of thankfulness.

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