Thursday, April 28, 2011

The 46 Day Action Plan - Numbers 11-20

Okay here's part 2 that lists my 46 day challenges. If you came a bit late to the party, don't worry - I'm recapping it for you. We're all about simplifying stuff over here, so if you want to follow my lead, just look at this list and pick what you want to do.

Without further ado, here are numbers 11 - 20.

11. Help Support Women and Children
Donate to your local women's shelter. I visited the wish list for Doorways for Women and Families and donated a baby monitor and some diapers.

12. Magazine Swap
Instead of throwing out your magazine, use them for craft projects, donate them to schools or office waiting rooms. If no one wants them, be sure to recycle them.

13. Spread the Word about Clean Water
Post a photo from charity:water's website to your social networking page to let your friends know that people all over the world are in desperate need of clean water.

14. Erase Hate
If you want to help erase hate in this world, consider signing up for Kindness Cards through Rachel's Challenge or purchase anErase Hate T-shirt from The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

15. Test Your Fridge
Put a piece of paper in the door to your fridge and shut it. Pull it out. If it comes out easily, there's probably something wrong with your seal and you may need to replace it to help save energy.

16. Wear Your Seat Belt
In one of my most moving actions, I shared Christopher McDonough's story and ask you to join me and making any passenger in your car (either with you driving or riding) vow to wear his/her seat belt.

17. Help Someone's Dream Come True
Through Dream Foundation's Adopt a Dream Program, you can help grant a wish to someone who is suffering from a terminal illness.

18. Help Your Car Save Gas
By removing excess weight from your trunk and following these tips from US Department of Energy, you can help save gas.

19. Stop Getting Junk Mail
Interested? Visit - The Do Not Mail List and get rid of the junk! The trees will thank you

20. Spread the Word about Human Trafficking
Consider joining The UNODC's Blue Heart Campaign to help raise awareness for this issue.

Come back tomorrow for items 21 - 30.

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