Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Help Haiti's Children

It's been over a year since the tragic earthquake in Haiti. When we first started What You Can Do, we knew there might be a tragedy during the year that we'd have to address. We hoped that it wouldn't happen, but only a few months later, we woke up to the devastating news.

We scrambled in the office trying to post up-to-the-minute information from Mercy Corps and Action Against Hunger on our facebook page. We wanted to get ideas on how to help into the hands of our community.

Throughout the year, more tragedies hit, but the stories from Haiti continued to affect us. To this day, the people of Haiti are still trying to rebuild, and they still need our support. That's why today, I've decided to Plant a Tree through Mercy Corps. They no longer feature the comfort kit featured in our videos, but this gift will: help restore beauty and pride to the degraded and disaster-stricken neighborhoods while giving fruit and wood to help families make a living.

If you continue to be haunted by the images we saw, and continue to see from Haiti, consider planting a tree as well.

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