Thursday, April 7, 2011

Help Protect Our Fishies

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Choose Wisely, our oceans are threatened by overfishing. Preventing overfishing has long been a passion of mine. When swordfish was on the threatened list - I used to pitch a fit to anyone who would try to order it around me. My passion for our oceans began at a young age, which gets me thinking...

Last year, we visited kids at a school in Brooklyn on Earth Day to talk to them about ideas for going green. Almost all of them said to shut off the lights and recycle. This lingo has become so ingrained in our kids, it's now the new "wash your hands" and "brush your teeth." Which leads me to believe that if we can get kids to start paying attention to the world's problems at a young age, there's no telling what they can do with our planet.

The Ocean Conservancy has a great program called Go Fish. It's an online game that teaches people about the state of fish in our oceans. Though it's not great for really little kids (it includes some pretty advanced concepts), it would be great for anyone age 10+. And there are incentives to play: if you answer all five questions, $1 will be donated to help the Ocean Conservancy's efforts to make overfishing a thing of the past.

Even though it's a game, it's not just for kids. I urge you to join me today and play this game to see what you know and don't know about the state of our oceans. The more people we get to play, the more $1 donations will be made. Oh and don't feel bad about your score - I got 2 right the first time I played.

If you have a little one at home, play the game with him/her. Instill your kids with the love of our oceans. This love will grow with them and there's no telling what the outcome will be. I hope that these problems won't face our grandkids, but it starts today. And it starts with you.

Will you join me?
Thanks - Alicia

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