Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guavaberry & Cyndi Lauper

Growing up, Black History Month was never solely about Black history. Of course, we celebrated the legacy of Dr. King, the grace of Katherine Dunham and the ingenuity of Dr. Carver, among others, but it was always more a celebration of cultural diversity.

In fact, every February school recital our teachers made it a point to represent unity in diversity – with large-sized cut outs of palms in shades from red, to brown, to olive and pink; and song choices like “Ebony and Ivory.” My highlights were dancing meringue to Dominican-born Juan Luis Guerra’s “Guavaberry” and lip-synching to Cyndi Lauper’s “We Are the World” solo (see what I mean at 2:51)

Kidding aside, I recognized what my elementary teachers were trying to instill in us and know how important it is that adults and parents foster in children an attitude of respect for all people and cultures. An open mind allows us to work together despite differences and bring healing to past wounds.

Throughout the month of February and well beyond, there’s something you can do to promote respect and diversity. Check this out...

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