Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missy's Homestead: Heirloom Expo

Heirloom Expo

This year has been full of festivals!  Not only is summer time around the country a festival time but that certainly is the case here in Sonoma County.  (Food festivals, Wine festivals, Beer festivals, etc. etc. etc.) 

Last weekend I chatted briefly about the Fermentation Festival and this week I wanted to quickly mention the Heirloom Festival that was held in Santa Rosa.  Last spring when I bought all my seeds from the heirloom seed bank down in Petaluma, they gave me a little flyer for this Heirloom festival that they help sponsor every year.  I took that little flyer and had it on my fridge since February.   This festival is basically a small fair-like event that  gets set up at the fairgrounds each year.  The farms from around the surrounding areas come and showcase their products, along with other local artisans and people who are into farming from all over the country.  Not only could you try locally sourced, organic cheese, but you could also taste heirloom watermelons from all over the world.  They showcase veggies from all types for regions and had a couple great seminars on garden growing, chicken raising, cooking with your produce, etc.  Basically it was a homesteaders paradise.  I spent an afternoon just wandering around and checking out the produce and the booths.  I was also able to see some adorable animals that were  part of the local and sustainable movements, and listen to a gentleman speak on the importance of old variety Turkeys.   I have to say that there were a lot of great booths (to buy products) and a bunch of delicious food and drink vendors to choose from.  However, over all I liked the produce displays the best.  Seeing veggies that I didn't even know existed before was thrilling.  It really inspired me to find some old world seeds and try my had at those next year when I need to go get my seeds for the year.  We will see how I do.  I was most interested in the heirloom watermelons and tomatoes.  Hopefully when I return to the seed bank next year I will be able to find those seeds that I am looking for...maybe I should start now.

Until next time...Consume More.  Buy Less.  Occasionally go to festivals.


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