Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Missy's Homestead: Moving into Fall (Update)

Missy's Homestead: Moving into Fall (Update)

As the weather begins to turn and the leaves begin to change my summer veggie garden is coming to an end.  And I am not going to lie and say that I am not a little sad.  My garden has been a big part of my new life on my homestead.  I enjoyed going out each morning and checking on the progress.  i enjoyed raising the tiny little plants from when they were seeds until they were in the ground.  it was a great project for me and I am sad that the main growing season is over.  I planted some winter seeds but it won't be as much crop as there was for the summer.  The tomatoes cam pretty late this year with the weather changes so I do still have some tomatoes but they are definitely on their way out.  I pulled out the zucchini plants and the cucumbers too.  They were done producing and watching the leaves get yellower and yellower as they were dying made me sad so I just pulled the band aid off and put them in the compost.  As a gardener I must get used to the endless cycles of plants in my garden.  However, as a person who thinks of her plants as children this has been very hard for me.  I am sure I will get better with each garden I have.  After all this is my first full Veggie garden.  

Back in the Prime Time
And as the garden slows new projects will bring themselves up for the winter.  I need to strip the paint off of my three legged table and repaint it with some all weather paint.  The rain has brought peeling to the old door and so it need some up keep.  I really want to try and build a little Chicken coop before the rainy season starts.  I desperately want chickens in my yard.  Hopefully I can build this coop for them.  I took some pictures of a few coops that I really liked and the plans seem fairly easy to execute.  My brother in law has a bunch of old fence boards that I believe I can use for the project.  We will just have to see how much more I would have to buy to complete the task.  Other projects on my agenda are todo some canning for the fall.  I love anything pickled and so hopefully I can get some bread and butter pickles done in the next couple months.  I also love jams and the figs are ripe for the taking soon. My humming bird feeder fell apart the other day and I am hoping to build myself one out of the parts from the old feeder.  Not exactly sure how I will do this but I am sure I can find something online that is a DIY adventure.   

Miss these tiny guys
In November I am throwing a shower for my sister in law who is having the first grand baby of our family, and I have been working on tons of DIY decorations for the event.  Using recycled and found materials in nature or at the thrift stores to create beautiful decorations on a budget.  After everything comes together I will share my tips on creating those decorations.    I am happy to report that I still have tons of laundry detergent left.  As you all remembered I made this first batch back in early July.  

Sauce getting made for the freezer,  awaiting homemade pasta sauce
I am hoping that is last until November.  So far I have been super happy with the cleaning power of this detergent.  All of my cloths come out smelling fresh and clean.  And remember is cost me less than 10 bucks and 15 mins of time to make that soap!  Pasta making is ahead on the homestead too.  I will for sure be blogging about that through the winter.  I am getting a kitchen aid soon and I absolutely can't wait to start making pasta.  It has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Plus I have all these sauces that I made from my garden that are just waiting in the freezer for homemade pasta!  

Gotta fix the table top before the Winter

As you can see I have a lot on the homestead planning book.   Hopefully I can get it all done this fall/winter season!!!

Until next week.  Consume More, Buy Less.


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