Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get to know Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is the second largest soup kitchen in the country, and the largest in New York City.  Watch this video to learn more about Holy Apostles and their efforts to help the people of New York.

 Featuring - Rev. Glenn Chalmers, Yvonne Cassidy, Michael Ottley, Charles Dennis Jr., and Fred Street
Directed by - Alicia Arinella
Shot by - Amanda Blohm and Alicia Arinella
Produced by - On the Leesh Productions, Inc.
Music by - Banana Whale
What You Can Do Logo Created by - SCG Creative Group
Additional Footage Provided by - Shutterstock, Inc. Used by Permission

Special Thanks: Yvonne Cassidy, Naosie McGee, Rev. Glenn Chalmers, Michael Ottley, Charles Dennis Jr., Fred Street and everyone at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and Dennis Arinella

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